Monday, March 29, 2010

My Starting Line

Running has been a large part of my life for some years now. It has been a way for me to challenge myself, stay in shape, and relieve some of the stressors in my life. I begun my running adventures as a teenager, and joined the Track & Field team as a youngster that really wanted to be part of a team but lacked the physical ability and coordination to make any teams that required previous skills.

In my earlier days, running provided the social outlet that I needed. It gave me an instant circle of friends to hang out with after school and on the weekends who understood the physical and mental challenges that being a runner entailed. The instant bond that I was able to form with my teammates encouraged me to become a confident young woman who knew that I would always have an unbreakable bond and never ending support system of friends through my teammates.

It wasn't until I graduated from high school and went of to college, and out on my own for the first time, that I really begun to appreciate the foundation that running helped me establish in my life. It taught me to become a problem solver, how to best utilize my time, to be a fighter for my desires, and to always be looking ahead to the new challenges that lay ahead. Being at a college where I felt alone for the first time, where my entire education was centered around the culinary world, I made the decision that wellness and balance would be the foundation of life.

As I have grown, I've been slowly learning to make the best lifestyle choices for myself. Being an adult in the most overweight nation in the world can often times be difficult and lonely, and finding comfort in food is common. We are all faced with the option to take our lives down the path less traveled and create the most balanced life for ourselves, or allow ourselves to fall into the rut and temptations that are constantly following us.

For myself I've chosen the road that leads me to wellness and balance in my life. The best way for me to do this is to continue to challenge myself on a daily basis physically, mentally, and emotionally.

With this said, I invite you to travel along with me as I make my best efforts to achieve the goals that I have laid out for myself this year. This is the year of changes and challenges as I run though the streets of Chicago to become stronger, faster, and more confident in my life then I have ever been before.

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