Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Free Time

With the Soldier Field 10 Mile three days away, I'm in full taper mode this week. This is the time that I most look forward to during my training, yet it often times leaves me feeling more tired then usual. Strange how this works that when mileage is suddenly cut back, my body begins to feel completely exhausted from a five miler. Lactic acid builds up in my legs leaving them with a lingering feeling of tightness and an unusual heaviness.

There are many benefits of tapering besides the obvious. While its a wonderful thing to step back from the weeks, or maybe even months, of training to think about all the hard work done to get to the current time period and fitness also leaves me with down time. Cutting my mileage nearly in half this week has provided me with more free time then usual. It can sometimes be a scary thought to me to think that I have to take it easy and relax, but this week has been wonderful.

So far with my new found freedom from the pavement I have spent my time catching up on sleep, doing laundry, straightening up my home, and finally cleaning out my email inbox after months of neglect. With the commitment that running 60+ miles a week takes on my schedule, I often times find myself rushing around to take care of basic tasks. This week I've made a commitment to myself to enjoy my free time, take a yoga class, read the articles in Runners World that I've been needing to get to, and maybe even bake some cookies for my husband.

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