Friday, June 25, 2010

A steamy lesson learned

Yesterday was my first speed training day of my 16 week marathon training program. While I was excited for it, I was also excited about allowing myself to sleep in. By the time I trekked out for my run, the sun was already blazing down with relatively high humidities.

While it wasn't the best workout that I've ever had, I made it through. I managed to run a 4 mile tempo at 7:10 pace in the heat and humidity, and also taught myself a lesson. Lesson learned: during the summertime, it may be best to fight the desire to sleep in and instead get up early and treat yourself to a nap.

Usually my body adapts well to all types of weather, but yesterday did not fall into to normalcy for me. I rarely ever find myself running to the point of making myself sick, until yesterday.

Tomorrow will be the first long distance run for me with a 14-miler. I plan to head out early, and defiantly treat myself to some R&R in the afternoon.

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