Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Leap of Faith

So I decide to take a "hiatus" from blogging for the summer, and what has now become the fall, and and decided with winter looming ahead that it's time to gather my thoughts. After an oddly inspirational moment last night with my husband over the movie "Julie & Julia", I realized that I too like the main character seemed to always have great intentions on starting these things that seemed great in my mind, and then slowly loose their luster and fade in the development stages.

While many pages have turned in my life since my last posting, I'm allowing myself to start out fresh in my latest endeavour. I have officially begun the process of becoming a Certified Personal Trainer. I have spent the past several months drowning myself with information about anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, training methods, nutrition, and everything and anything which provides wellness information. Taking on this new world of undiscovered information, and learning why our bodies have the movements that they do has been enlightening.

Years ago when I went off to culinary school, on a whim and a prayer, I found myself more overwhelmed by the information I was given then excited and curious like a college student should be. It was then that I first vocalized my desire to work in the fitness industry. At moments when I felt like I wasn't enjoying myself and that there was no logical reason for me to be chopping 50 lbs. of onions or de-veining 200 shrimp, I would say that I was dropping out of college to become and aerobics instructor. While those around me would find humor in my satirical moments, there was always a piece inside me that really wanted to pursue an adventure in the fitness world.

I am ecstatic to say that after many wasted years of my precious time on this earth, I am finally pursuing what has always seemed like the impossible and impractical for me. I find myself wanting to pour every piece of my mind and body into an industry that focusing on the well-being of an individual. The promotion of self-awareness and the building of character that starts within an individual is a powerful thing, and something that many people struggle with. I am ready to jump head first into this who new world of greatness and share my thoughts and knowledge with the fitness world.

But first, I must pass my certification. So that means studying, studying, and yes much more studying.

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