Saturday, December 11, 2010

Favorite Running Memory...or not?

Today I feel puzzled as I am presented with the question, "what is my favorite running memory?".

This is a fairly basic question that I am sure is an easy answer for most people. Not for me. I have been running now for 13+ years and have a lifetime of great memories. Trying to pick out the greatest of all of those is extremly difficult.

Do I choose the day that I ran my first marathon and the overwhelming feelings of warmth that the crowd projected which still gives me goosebumps to this day? Is it the Cross Country Challenge that I ran in 2002 with some of my high school cross country members where we found ourselves running an 8k through waist high mud and lakes in the middle of December? Maybe it's the time that I was ran the Rock N Roll Half Marathon Chicago in 2009 where I 'ran' into a old running pal in the early stages of the race, and we continued to challenge and push one another like the olden days. Or maybe it's the very first race that I ran and beat my husband in 2006.

Those aren't even necessarily the top memories that I have, those are just the top few that come to mind at this particular moment.

How does a runner who has had so many great memories choose one?

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