Friday, January 28, 2011

First speed work of 2011

Wednesday I was supposed to do 4x1600 repeats at 6:29 pace, but a last minute change in my afternoon plans forced me to push back my work out until Thursday.

So yesterday I hit the lakefront path during the snow fall that created some slippery footing for speed work. Up until yesterday I hadn't done any speed training whatsoever since the fall other then a progressive run here and there, so I felt a bit uneasy about what type of workout I was going to produce. I spent the morning thinking about how slow I have intentionally become this winter, and wondering if my plan to back off any serious training for several months was going to backfire on me.

With all the stress I caused myself yesterday morning, the repeats were a success. I clocked 6:20, 6:19, 6:17, and 6:20. For the most part I felt fairly strong and confident. The absence of speed in my life gave me the desire to continue on and realize how much I miss running fast. It feels good to wiz by other runners looking effortless and hearing my breath deep and strong carrying me through. My legs felt like the had some led in them for the first mile, and I kept having to look at my Garmin to figure out my pacing and remind myself to slow down.

When I returned in, I pulled out my yoga mat to get in a major stretching session to repay my muscles for all of the hard work that they just did. My dogs love when I do this, especially if I pull the mat out just after returning from a run.

Chase always tries to lick my sweat, which is gross because I know where his tongue has been licking otherwise. This is an almost daily battle for me and my pups when they attack me after a run, and sometimes I just skip the stretching and ab portion of my workout because I don't want to be licked to death.

Miles and Chase also like to use my yoga mat as their own wrestling mat. They bust out WWE style moves, and I'm convinced that they think this cushy pad is just for them to play on. Their playfulness and desire to show off is cute, and while it may be annoying at times secretly I think everything they do is absolutely adorable and no dog anywhere could top their cuteness.

Doug back in December went online to to make a comment about about the article "The Turning Point". The article was about the Foot Locker Championships in the year 2000 and showcased Dathan Ritzenhein, Alan Webb, and Ryan Hall and said that this was the greatest high school race ever. My husband has followed these runners from the time they were in high school because they were are elders, and as an amazing cross country and track runner himself he kept up to speed on his fellow runners. He found himself quite upset about Runners World claiming this was the greatest Foot Locker race ever, and commented online about how the previous year was better.

A few weeks later Runners World contacted us to let Doug know that his comments were going to be published in the March issue and they were going to send him a free T-shirt. So last night our March issue arrived and there his comments were. Of course he called everyone in his family to tell them that he is a "published writer", and was beaming with excitement. While he never did receive that free T-shirt, the ego boost that this provided him will keep him exuding for sometime.

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