Monday, January 3, 2011

A little cold

2011 started out with a bang in the Kelly household. My husband and I both have had terrible colds for the past few days. We have been spending our time coughing, sneezing, clearing our throats, tossing and turning as we try to sleep, blowing our nose, and many other pleasant past times.

My original plan was to kick up my training into a constant schedule at the start of the new year, and begin my pretraining phase for the next several weeks before I venture into training for a spring half marathon. That plan is on hold for now. I have been completely avoiding the gym, as that I am in fear of spreading my disgusting germs to many unsuspecting meat heads. Good news is that I have managed to go out for a few maintenance runs, which have definitely been quite a challenge. Being sick can make our regular activities seem that much harder.

While my husband thinks that it is crazy to elevate the heart rate when the body is already fighting off germs, I find it somewhat soothing. Being stuck inside my house and married to the couch for several days is enough to drive me crazy! Besides a little fresh air always does wonders for the soul.

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