Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shaking the Mondays

This week I had a case of the Mondays.

Monday was a rough one that started out with getting up extra early. My stomach was ailing me all day from the glutenous and fatty foods that I ate the day before. I had to do my workout at the gym, where I spent over twenty minutes looking for a parking spot. A treadmill run isn't how I would usually start my week, but I had no choice, and the weight room was cut-throat competition where I was not winning by any means. From the moment I woke on Monday, it was go-go-go. And I crashed at about 9 pm.

On to Tuesday I woke extra early again, but excited because I am in official count down for the Chicago Marathon registration. I got to work only to have my stress level elevated for most of the day. Some days I wonder how I manage to make it through the lull of my average job in corporate America, and this was one of those days. I decided to use running as a mode of transportation to get home from work, where my Garmin Forerunner GPS wasn't picking up my signal. Frustrated I trucked on and found myself alone for the first time in over 24+ hours, and I was finally able to reflect on the past few days.

It can be difficult to take life in at times, most especially when we do not leave ourselves with the opportunity to reflect and digest what is going on. In my short and easy 5 miler I allowed myself to breathe and slowly exhale all of the negative energy created in the past few days. Slowing down the mind while accelerating the body is something that brings me calmness and allows me to separate myself from all of the craziness in my world. Here is when I finally shook my case of the Mondays. Reminding myself that corporate America, housely chores, and the responsibilities in my life are just white noise. Maintaining my post as a hospitality professional is no more then a financial investment in my future, allowing me to fund my dreams.

Today is Wednesday, and this afternoon I have a date with my Brooks Adrenaline for 4x1600's at 6:29. I have intentionally withheld speed work from my life for almost three months now, and I am excited to start gaining back some of my speed.

My mind will be clear, my legs will be strong, the Mondays will be long behind me, and I will bear my soul in a much needed challenge.

Wednesday I am ready for you.

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