Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sundays random musings

Currently I am bracing myself for a spell of cold weather and a blizzard that is due to hit Chicago this week. Blizzard conditions are never make for the ideal training weather. I heard on the news this evening that this could potentially be the worst snow storm to hit Chicago since 1999. Naturally the disbeliever in me thinks that this talk is all a bunch of hot air. Sometimes it seems as if the weather persons here spend more time fretting about the storms then the storms actually last, and I have become a non-believer in weather predictions.

So I am preparing myself a bit for unpredictable weather this week and possible modifications to life as usual for me. But I'm definitely not running out to the store to load up on milk and bottled water and wasting time preparing for the worse. Snow melts, winds fade, and life continues to go on.

This morning at church I officially joined Team World Vision for the Chicago Marathon this Fall. I heard about the opportunity to run with this charity last week, and found myself intrigued. I have ran over thirty races in my short adult life, and never once have I ever ran for or even considered running on behalf of a charity. It is quite an amazing thing how God reaches out to us and opens a window for us when a door has just shut.

For the past 8+ years I have trained as a soloist for every race I have ever competed in. Sometimes with great results, and sometimes with not so great results so I am looking forward to revisiting the team aspect of running and great people ahead in my future. It will be great to finally run for a cause other then my own selfish desire to be continually challenged. More info to come soon about how you can help support Team World Vision, and just exactly what they support.

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