Thursday, February 3, 2011

A bad choice day happens every once in awhile

This morning was filled with a few bad choices on my part.

Yesterday I started to feel extra tired in the evening hours, yet when I returned home from work at 11:30 I decided to have a large bowl of Trader Joes Peppermint Jo-Jo's ice cream and watch some "Office". That was bad choice #1. Then the alarm went off at 7:30 a.m. this morning with the intention to head to the gym early for my workout. Instead I woke feeling even more drained then the evening before, and instead opted to start the day with breakfast for some added energy ahead of the workout. That was bad choice #2.

Todays run was a 5 mile tempo at 6:58 pace, with an obvious warm-up and cool-down of course. Given the blizzard that we had here this week and the frigid temps today, it was necessary for me to hit the treadmill for a quality workout. Getting to the gym was definitely a challenge due to the roads still being covered in snow, but I trusted in my driving abilities and made it safely. As I stepped onto the treadmill for my first ever treadmill tempo, I felt like my legs had somehow overnight gained 20 pounds each. I told myself I'm not a quitter, and that if it hurts that means I'm gaining strength. But that only worked for so long and became bad choice #3 of the day.

At the 3 1/2 mile point, I suddenly had to jump off the treadmill as I felt my breakfast reappearing, which it successfully did. Dairy for breakfast on a speed work day may not be a good choice without the proper amount of time for digestion. Rarely does this ever happen to me, but when it does I can recognize that this is an obvious sign to slow it down a bit. So my tempo went from a 6:58 pace for the first 3 1/2 miles to 7:42 for the remaining 1 1/2 miles with ill feelings still surrounding me.

It can be annoying when a workout fails, but it happens. Acknowledging that we have no control over our bodies response to stimulus is an important lesson for future growth. This is where I made bad choice #4. I decided to head upstairs to the weight room in my gym anyways, and had no strength whatsoever. Today I learned a new feeling, the one where the weight that you are lifting feels so heavy that you feel as if your going to vomit. Never felt that before today.

Yes today will go down in the record books as one of the worst workouts EVER, but thats okay. The challenging days make me really appreciate the great days, and strive to grow in my training to achieve more of them.

Getting back to the blizzard, I saw somethings yesterday that I found rather shocking. The winds were gusting at 70 mph, snow was blowing all over the place and preventing plows from keeping up with the clearing, waves off the lake were almost 20 feet tall, and LSD was closed when people had to abandon about 1000 cars. Yet I saw one man running in the streets early in the day on the news and yet another that was actually running on the lakefront within a few feet of the waves that were causing the lakefront path to deteriorate. These folks were crazy. I value my workouts just as much as any runner, but there comes a point when you have to ask yourself if the conditions are severely hazardous to your safety and make a decision based on logic...not on selfish desires. I would never want any of my family members to have to identify my mangled body after I put my own safety in jeopardy because I was too insane to take a day off.

But just in case I ever do get ran over by a car, a few months ago I picked up a Road Id.

It will be the best $20 spent of your life.

Heres to wishing that a few days off from work will sharpen my mind, and allow me to make decisions more soundly.

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