Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fabulously Free Friday

Yesterday was one of the best Fridays that I have had in the longest time. My husband took off work and we spent the whole day hanging out and enjoying life, it was wonderful.

The day started out with him accompanying me to the grocery store, which was practically empty and made for stress-free shopping, and we made a quick stop at Julius Meinl which is one of my favorite local coffee shops. A steaming hot latte is one of the best ways to kick start my day.

I decided to wait until the early afternoon to get in my easy run for the day. To my surprise the hubby made an impulse decision to accompany me for as long as he could. This was an amazing surprise for me due to the fact that while he once was the most amazing runner that I knew and is now plagued with injuries and setbacks that make it extremely difficult to run. We trudged along together at an easy pace for 2 miles before he had to venture back. His company meant more to me then the pace and the afternoon was beautiful, so the ease of those few miles was the last thing on my mind. After we parted ways I picked up the pace quite a bit and got in a 6 miler that left my legs feeling refreshed.

We planned on having a Friday date night all week. Doug has a job that has some amazing perks, and he gets a lot of freebies for various reasons that we tend to use for our dates. There really is no better date then a free one. We bowled 2 free games at 10 Pin Bowling Lounge which is this super touristy "posh" bowling alley that has overly priced cocktails and large crowds located in the heart of the city. This is not a place that we would normally frequent because I have this weird thing about being in massive crowds with intoxicated people, but on a Friday afternoon the place was meant for me with loads of open space and enough fresh air for all patrons.

Doug bowled his highest game ever. I guess all the Wii bowling over the years has been great practice for his real game. What a stud.

He thought that he was the coolest thing since sliced bread. He totally crushed me and did awesome. Since I have the leg speed now in our marriage, he can beat me in bowling for the rest of our lives and I'll call it a fair trade.

I was a wee bit sad however that I can try my hardest and not even break 100. Bowling really isn't my strength. I have no style and usually just walk up to the line, throw the ball, and sit back down with no concern about how many pins I hit. I will never be professional bowler.

After our free bowling we dined at Maggiano's Little Italy where I ate my weight in Lobster Ravioli and totally out ate my hubby as I basically licked my plate clean. We had gift certificates from D's work and dinner for two barely cost us a dime. When food is free it tastes better. He then treated me to the best Mexican hot chocolate in the world at XOCO. The stuff is so thick its basically like a hot milkshake that explodes with flavor in your mouth and creates a warmth in my heart. My mouth is drooling thinking about it right now.

Free dates are the best and carb loading before a long run on pasta and the richest hot chocolate known to man makes for the best Friday night.

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