Friday, February 4, 2011

Getting through the winter

Today was a recovery day that held an easy 5 for me. I decided to take my run indoors AGAIN today because the city is still a mess from Blizzard 2011.

I hate when I have to take to the treadmill for a quality workout. I get all sweaty, bored, and I hate when people get on next to me. Tomorrow holds a 14 miler, and it looks like again I will venture to the gym for some quality miles.

When the weather is stinky, I find myself dreaming about the warm weather to come. Chicago summers are great, and I try to take it the great weather as much as I can while it lasts.

Miles, Chase, and I often venture to the dog beach by our house. Chase doesn't enjoy the beach so much. He is easily intimidated by other dogs and spends most of his time sitting on a towel staring me down.

Miles on the other hand loves it. He digs huge holes in the sand and sometimes he gets so excited to be swimming that he goes out to sea and I have to go after him. When we are there he looks like he is the happiest dog on the planet.

Getting through winter takes a lot of inner strength. Thinking about these fun afternoons with my little guys makes me excited that the winter days will soon come to a close, and I will once again be able to enjoy my city the way I like it...warm and snow free.

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