Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Miles & Chase

Today marks Miles and Chase's 4th birthday. These little guys are my best little buds, and have the most character that I have ever seen in an animal. If you couldn't tell from the photo, they are also deep thinkers with a great taste in fashion.

Training wise this week was an easier one for me. Yesterday I was supposed to head out on my long run for the week, but instead decided that I would rather spend my day parked on my couch eating Swedish Fish and Life Saver Gummies while watching way too many hours of tv. It was a wonderfully pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Since I decided to let myself melt into my couch and become one with my snuggie yesterday, that meant that I would have to get up extra early today to get in my last workout of the week before heading out to church.

It was rainy and windy, which oddly enough are conditions which I enjoy running in. I like the way the rain provides a little extra soothing effect for my mental state, Kenny Chesney says it best that rain "feels like kisses on my skin". And the wind makes for a challenge in one direction, and a little added assistance in the other. Together adding up to one great run where the lakefront path was practically a ghost town.

I got in just over 38 miles this week which was a nice break in mileage for me. Running for 10 days without a rest and working 8 days straight left my legs, and the rest of my body, feeling drained and heavy on Monday. An easy week came at just the right time, and I feel prepared and rested for my 50 mile week ahead.

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  1. Can't say that I can relate to the desire to run in the wind and rain. Or that I would call 38 miles an "easy week." But I do enjoy TV on the couch!