Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just another -10 degree day

Today I was not feeling it.

Ever have those days when you wake up because you have aches in your body? Well today is that day for me. I was abruptly awoken this morning when I felt a sudden stiffness in my legs. This used to happen to me a lot in winters past, but I had yet to experience it this season until this morning. Stiffness and sharp pings in the early a.m. hours have not been a missed feeling.

I have had a lot of injuries in my running career, all of which seem to be on the left side of my body. Maybe it was the tendinitis, stress fracture, or plantar fasciitis that was lingering in my blood today. Most likely it was that I had to rearrange my training schedule last week due to the weather and haven't had an off day in eight days. Either way today would have been the perfect day for a treadmill run. Silly me didn't want to drive to the gym for an easy 6 miler, seemed like a waste of time. Also yesterday I encountered a rather strange man at the gym who struck up a conversation with me that seemed innocent at first. But then the conversation took a strange turn when he started asking me if I thought that he was going to mug me in the parking lot. Weird? Yes. So naturally I decided that I would brave the -10 degree windchill and adventure outdoors and give my creepy new friend a day to collect his thoughts.

When it takes me as long to dress and undress for a run as it does to actually run, I get groggy. Three shirts, two pairs of spandex and gloves, one wind resistance jacket with a hoodie that has those cool little bungees to tighten appropriately, one extra warm pair of socks, a nifty purple scarf, and one extra insulated hat. Totaling up to a lot of laundry to wash for one run.

Got in my easy 6 and worked out the kinks in my legs despite the cold. Five and a half weeks until spring.

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