Thursday, February 24, 2011


Last night I did not sleep well. I spent all night tossing and turning with my mind going a million miles a minute. Overcome with worry and anxiety, I was restless.

My dear father took a tumble on Saturday that left him with increasingly uncomfortable chest pains over the past few days. Yesterday he decided that something wasn't quite right and that he needed to make a trip to the emergency room. The moment I got word of his situation, I felt myself overcome with worry. I am a chronic worrier, and when I hear of distress for my loved ones my mind is overtaken by all of the "what ifs" and I make myself crazy.

The health of my parents is something that I have taken concern of as I age. My Dad is an extremely hardworking man. He puts in an insane amount of hours for his work, and has always given his all to provide for his large family. He is a self-made man that has created a wonderful world of success for himself, and I couldn't be prouder of his achievements. With all of the efforts he puts into his career, I often worry about him not having enough time to take care of himself. He lost his older brother that was in his late 50's on Christmas Day of 2009 to a heart attack and his mother was also taken prematurely from a heart attack. So naturally I find discomfort in poor news regarding his health, and I fear that poor family health history is a big black cloud that hangs over us all.

Turns out that he is okay for now, and that he has interior swelling and bruising around his heart from his fall. With a little RNR he should be feeling better in a few days. I feel like God has a way of slowing us down when needed. Sometimes stepping back from our hectic lives seems inconvenient and unnecessary, and we may think that we are capable of handling an excessive amount of responsibility. But our bodies are temporary housing for our eternal spirits, and they are not meant to last forever and withstand the grueling wear and tear we put them through. God lets us know when we are too far stretched, and when the desires of our heart far exceed the capabilities of our bodies.

When the possibility of a tragedy striking close to home touches your life, it can make you really want to spend as much time as possible with those you love. Time is precious, and I know that is the silliest cliche, but it is true. Running is amazing, and I love that it is a part of my life. But family is also great, and if I had to chose between the would always win.

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  1. I had a scare with my dad recently as well. He had a stroke and then he had a pacemaker put in. It was very scary. It's especially challenging when you live 2,000 miles from home. Wishing your father the best!