Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Runner Down

Yesterday I worked in the morning and decided ahead of time that I was going to run home from work. I feel like running is a great workout and also a great form of transportation, so why not mix the two together every now and then to save time and do the environment a favor by reducing my carbon footprint. It was a great idea, and I was looking forward to it all day.

Sometimes I have great ideas, but in the implementation stage I some how lack common sense and make a great idea go wrong. Yesterdays great plan to run home was one of those "full proof" plans of mine that went a rye. I work in a hotel where I am completely sheltered from the outside world. No windows, just hallway after hallway of beige cement blocks that leave me oblivious to the reality of the world. I had no idea yesterday that the weather took a turn for the worse, that it was snowing and icy and that there were large waves taking over my running path.

I could have checked the weather before leaving, or went to Plan B, but I didn't because I thought that I was a savvy woman who was making the best out of my time. Big mistake. The lakefront path turned into a death trap covered in ice throughout the day, and I had no idea until I was already into my run. My solution was to just continue on and make adjustments to my pace if needed to avoid from slipping.


The highlights from my run:

Awesomeness right?

I made a little misjudgement in my footing and crashed into a cement wall. So embarrassing. Right off of LSD where cars were whizzing by and a biker was about 10 feet ahead staring straight at me as I splattered all over the pavement. Mortified, I got up and ran away as fast as i could not even thinking about the damage that I did to my body. Instead my first clear thought after getting up was "did I rip my new spandex?". It took 10 minutes to realize that my glove had a brand new hole in it and was covered in blood, and another 10 minutes to feel the pain in my knee.

So now I know that when it is icy out, I should consider taking my workout indoors. My husband thinks that I am a hazard to myself because I am always being careless and somehow manage to hurt myself with my lack of common sense. I spent yesterday evening R.I.C.Eing and parked on the couch unable to draw myself away from the Amanda Knox Story on Lifetime.

It is better to take caution when nursing and injury no matter how minor it may be. Today it was best for me to take it easy and turn to a low impact activity, I opted for the elliptical. I would rather spend two days laying low then months in pain because I was too much of a dope to let and injury heal properly. I am hoping to get in some mile repeats tomorrow, but that is a tentative plan for now. With a little RNR today, I am hoping to catch the miracle cure tonight for a pain free workout tomorrow.

Fingers crossed.

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  1. Oh boy! That happened to me (a time or two) in my Chicago days. I wanted so badly to have a run that wasn't on the treadmill that I would go out without realizing how slippery the sidewalks were. Ouch. That knee looks painful.

    How was the Amanda Knox movie? I heard it portrayed her in a bad light. Is that true? Now I have to know, do you think she is innocent or guilty? I just can't believe she is guilty. I think the Italian police really messed this one up and they know it.