Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowmageddon 2011

Today is one of those days when all of the well meaning plans that I had for my day will have to be postponed. Chicago is currently in the mist of a lovely little storm that the weather people are referring to as the worse blizzard to hit the city in 10 years. So I was wrong, and not even a little wrong...I was totally and completely incorrect about this storm.

I woke to this beautiful view outside my window this morning and decided that it may be best to hold off on my tempo run which is scheduled for today. Last night I opted to take the train home from work because I was too afraid of my husband making attempts to pick me up. Lakeshore Drive was closed because of waves, there are 50 mph wind gusts, cars are abandoned all over the city, and it just didn't seem worth it.

I consider myself a fairly in shape person. I eat right and do resistance, cardio, and flexibility training routinely. So when I took on the challenge of getting to the train station on foot last night, I thought to myself "no problem. I run marathons. I am a strong lady". Once I walked out of the building, I decided that it would be quicker and less painful to run to the station. All of the belief that I had in myself and my physical abilities in any situation vanished as I almost had a heart attack after running a half mile in a head-to-toe North Face parka, Emu boots that practically go to my kneecaps, and a backpack. It was madness, but I survived and feel a little humbled today about my ability to overcome the weather.

Going to bed last night and still believing that I would be able to at least get to the gym to do my tempo run and lift weights was being super optimistic. There is no way that this is happening today, even just hoping for the best is insanity at this point. Realistically I don't think that my car would even be able to get down the alley. So instead I plan to catch up on somethings that have needed attention in my home and sip a warm latte all morning. However I still have to make my way into work this afternoon, somehow.

Today I will weight myself down a little better so the wind doesn't grab hold, say a little prayer, and have faith that Jesus will get me there.

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