Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Start Spreading The News

Start spreading the news, for my birthday in two week my husband is taking me to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of and theres nothing you can't do...NEW YORK!!! I'm am elated about this, and have wanted to spend some quality time in the Big Apple for as long as my memory goes back. When Home Alone 2: Lost in New York came out and I was jealous of Kevin McCalister and wanted to get lost in an airport and the city that never sleeps, I wanted to be him. Well my dreams are coming true in 17 days when I will be exploring the big city with my bff.

Yesterday my Nike watch broke, and I'm sad about it. I've had it for just over three years and it has been with me for many many miles. The watch still works otherwise, and right now I feel too cheap to fix it so I'm sporting my giganto Garmin Forerunner just because I need to always know what time it is because I am super crazy.

Doug had an exciting afternoon yesterday when the Runner's World t-shirt that he has been anxiously awaiting finally arrived. Blue is most definitely his color. Back in January I blogged about how he was super excited when he made a comment to Runner's World regarding one of their articles and they decided to publish him in notes to the editor. He now considers himself a published writer.

Today was an easy run that I was glad to venture outdoors for because the sun was shining and the weather is quite a bit warmer. I have this weird issue with chronic migraines, and felt one coming on last night and woke with one this morning. I really wanted to get my run in so I decided to take it really easy. When my head isn't feel so hot I tend to do my runs while focusing on my breathing and it eases the discomfort and allows my body to return back to normal functioning at a quicker rate. There is something very therapeutic when you become aware of your breath entering and leaving your body, for me this feeling eases a lot of the tensions that exist in me.

Counting down the days until I get to run through Central Park! A vacation is much needed in our household and I am looking forward to eating my way through NYC.

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