Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A tempo success

Today I took another go at a tempo run on the treadmill. I figured that it couldn't be any worse then last week, and the -10 degree windchill today was not enticing in the least for an outdoor speed session. I am happy to say that my workout today was a success, and I felt great despite the fact that my left eye has been burning all day and is blood shot. Its great going out in public when you have one crazy looking eye.

Today I gave the 5 mile tempo at a goal pace of sub-7 another go. I went into the workout easy at a 7:03 pace and was praying that things wouldn't take a turn for the worse. At the 3 mile mark I felt like the workout was going well and picked it up to 6:58 for the last 2 miles. With goal pace being sub-7, I was nervous to take the first few miles too aggressive today. I finished feeling strong and got in a great resistance session afterwards.

Refueling the body after speed work and strength training is especially important. The body depletes a lot of the nutrients that are stored in our muscles during exercise, and in order for the muscles fibers to strengthen after a grueling session the nutrients need to be restored and replenished. Without the proper post workout meal, the entire purpose of the session can be lost if the muscles are not receiving necessary nutrients to rebuild.

I decided that I would have two slices of gluten free toast with 2 tablespoons of unsalted almond butter, 1 tablespoon of honey, and a sliced banana. It was delish. Protein replacement is essential after strength training and almond butter is great for the body. It has a slightly different taste then peanut butter and comes in options of creamy, chunky, or salted. I prefer the creamy unsalted because it spreads smoothly and has a neutral flavor to accompany most items.

Almond butter is relatively comparable to peanut butter with both being 190 calories per serving. Almond butter has more calories from fat then peanut butter, but it also offers more protein per serving. I love peanut butter quite possibly more then anyone else I know, heck I even once won a peanut butter eating contest in college(which was gross by the way and kept me off the stuff for nearly a year afterwards), but it is CRANKED full of sodium. 2 tablespoons of this stuff has 150 mg. of sodium and Almond butter actually has 0...thats right no sodium whatsoever! Another great perk to the almond goodness is that the fats that it does have are the "good" ones. Monounsaturated fats tend to lower cholesterol levels while saturated fats increase these levels. Peanut butter is mainly saturated fat, but the almond butter is mainly monounsaturated fat.

I love me some peanut butter and I always will, but sometimes its good to step out of the box and let our taste buds have a new experience.

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  1. Awesome job on an awesome tempo run! I do not miss those temperatures.

    You need to start following some blogs girl, so people can find you! Your blog is amazing. I am going to add you to my 'BLOGS I LOVE' page so people know about you.