Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bringing Back The Nap

This afternoon was the first time since like 1995 that I took a nap. Well maybe I had a few naps here and there in college, but not many. I am incapable of sleeping when the sun is up, which was a pain when I used to have to work overnight shifts for my job. But today, I got a solid 40 minutes of afternoon delight and it was lovely. Of course I had to share my snuggie with the little furry guys, they are snuggie hogs.

I knew that I was tired when I was in the mist of my strength training session at the gym and felt a little light headed and cloudy-minded. At that point I decided that it was a good time to cut my workout short and go home and have a snack and relax before my mile repeats this afternoon.

A power nap is now my new favorite afternoon activity, and I hope that I will get another one in soon. When I woke up I headed out for my mile repeats in the rain and wind. I would be lying if I didn't say that I considered remodeling my workout for the day due to the weather, but in the end decided that it would be best to truck on as planned because speed work in undesirable weather will only make me a stronger runner.

Chicago is called the windy city because of the windy mouthed politicians, but today I think that it was called the windy city because of the nasty gusts coming off of the lake. They were fierce, and made my workout quite a challenge. My goal today was 5x1600's at 6:20 pace. I only did 4 repeats clocking in at 6:23, 6:21, 6:21, and 6:14. By the fourth repeat my legs were shot from trying to overcome the wind, and the fifth would have just been a lost cause and not worth the effort so I took a pass.

Honesty I felt as if I was running at a 6:05 effort or possibly even faster, but the added resistance from the gusts was quite challenging for me today. So I'm okay with 4 quality repeats.

On another note, my quads are TIGHT and SORE. I think that I need to stop slacking on the stretching portion of my routine.


  1. Britt those are GOOD repeats in WIND!! I mean they are good WITHOUT wind so good job darlin'!!!! Mile repeats are hard for me...ugh....but I will remember this next time I have to do them:)

  2. Good workout! Thanks for your comment & follow on my blog! I look forward to reading yours! :)

  3. The afternoon nap is definitely my favorite afternoon activity too. AWESOME job on your repeats!