Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Countdown to Spring

Todays workout was an easy 6 miler. Followed by lots and lots of these:

Strength and resistance training for my legs used to be a dreadful experience. But over the past few years I have come to love squats, dead lifts, lunges, and some crazy dynamic stretching routines for the legs. Running is a great workout, but unfortunately it does not work all of the muscles in our legs evenly and can create imbalances which can cause injury. I have had quite a laundry list of injuries in the past, none of which were ever a very enjoyable experience. And these days I'm all about the "prehab".

Learning to listen to the signals my body is sending out about normal discomforts and eeekkk what are you doing to me pain has definitely taken some time. Most runners have weak hips, which can lead to severe knee and foot pains, and I used to be vying for the #1 spot in this category. I love running and if I want to be 85 years old crossing the finish lines of marathons, paying attention to my gait and my bodies imbalances has to be a priority.

Lunges are my savior...that is after Jesus.

And yes I did intentionally crop my head out of that photo. I haven't washed (or brushed) my hair since Saturday and have been putting it into french braids and weird twisties that has left it defying gravity. It is gross and I wouldn't want to subject anyone to my Medusa-like do.

Spring is almost here, and I think my pups are ready for it. They have been couch potatoes for the past several months, and I think that all of their muscles have become mush, so I forced them on a long walk on this sunny 60 degree day. As much as I have loved our snuggie snuggle times this winter, its time to get them in shape for the doggie beach season. Doggie boot camp started today.


  1. LOL I love lunges... and squats! Anything to strengthen up my legs!!!

  2. Love that I found your blog! :) And look at those legs!!!! wooo! nice!

  3.'s almost stressful for me to read this post b/c my body is ACHING and I know I NEED to do more srength training but just don't have the time! grrrr.....I have bike recovery and strength tomorrow but I should be trying to do it 3 x a week. thanks for this reminder to MAKE the time to do this for myself!!!