Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fire on the Track, just like Pre

Yesterday morning I had scheduled a track workout. After waking up at 10 a.m. and having a panic attack because I had no coffee beans in the house then having to rifle through the dirty laundry to find running clothes that didn't stink too much because my laundry is out of control, I decided that it would be best to postpone until today. Sleep doesn't generally trump important objectives for my day, but yesterday it did. Laziness is my best friend yet my worst enemy, so hey it happens. I successfully made sure to set my alarm for 8 a.m. and NOT turn it off, roll over, and over sleep by 2 hours for the second day in a row today and celebrated with a delicious breakfast. There aren't too many great public tracks in Chicago that are easily accessible for me so I chose to venture to the closest one for time purposes, and I don't think that I will be making it back to that track anytime soon. It was in a shady neighborhood and I had never been there before so I assumed that the track was a standard 400 meter track yet it was not.

Honestly I don't really understand the use for a track that would be (using guestimation) 337 meters and advertise itself as a 400 meter track. I didn't realize that the track was short until I got there, and spent the first 10 of my 25 repeats trying to figure out the best way to handle this tricky situation. There was too much ridiculous math going on in my head, I begun to get frustrated, and a few of my quarters somehow turned into .35 of a mile.

The workout was weird for awhile until I figured out the best way to execute the mess I created. No it wasn't my best workout ever, and it would have helped if I planned ahead, but I walked away with what I needed to gain today...CONFIDENCE that I am going to crush my 8k. My desire for the crazy amount of quarters was to simulate what I will be feeling during my upcoming race, I mean I wouldn't go out and do 25x400's at 95 to 98 seconds a pop with 30 second recoveries for fun...or maybe I would. I felt strong until 21, then I couldn't remember what number I was on and my breakfast wanted to make a reappearance. After that I kept having to remind myself to "run soft" and "power through" because those last few were the most important quarters of the entire workout. All my nerves about what a 98 second quarter feels like have been calmed, and I feel prepared for next weekends race. When I got home I was welcomed by my furry little men that were very excited to see me and proceeded to lay on my feet as a "congrats for making it back to the track mom".
The life of a dog, it's tough.

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