Wednesday, March 2, 2011

T-Minus 2 Days

Yesterday was the hubsters birthday. Doug has had a very closely knit group of friends since he was a tot, so they all came over to our house for some cake and ice cream. 27 is defiantly not too old for an ice cream sundae bar. Doug has also been working very hard on launching his very own blog which will showcase his amazing artistic skills in cartoon form, you can check it out here.

While yesterday was cake and ice cream for him, for me things in the world weren't so care free. I worked mornings earlier in the week so that I would have the opportunity to spend the evening of Doug's birthday with him, and I am not a morning person. Getting the cake made, the snacks prepped, getting the house cleaned up, attending a wake and a funeral for Doug's uncle who lost his battle with cancer last week, worrying about getting things together for our get away this weekend, and trying to squeeze in my workouts has been a bit much for me. But last night I knew that as tired as I have been the past few days, it was important that Doug had a special day. So I did what any wife would do when they are spent, I just kept guzzling down the coffee.

Need less to say I crashed last night at about 11:30. Monday was an easy 7 and Tuesday was an easy 6 for me, both of which did not feel so great. My body needs at least 8 hours of solid sleep a night in order to feel rested on my runs, which I unfortunately have yet to hit this week. We are heading out of town on Friday (my birthday), and I have had to rearrange my workouts so that I have the chance to get in all quality miles before I head out to NYC.

This weeks planned workouts:

Monday: 7 miles easy. DONE, 7.07 miles in 52:50.
Tuesday: 6 miles easy. DONE, 6.39 miles in 46:46.
Wednesday: 15 miles progressive.
Thursday: 8 miles total, 1 mile warm up, 6 miles tempo at 6:59, 1 mile cool-down.
Friday: 6 miles recovery.
Saturday: 6 miles with 5/4/3/2/1.
Sunday: A day of rest enjoying NYC and eating my weight in pizza.

Normally I wouldn't do a long run followed by a speed workout, but this week I have left myself with no other option. 2 days until the trip of a lifetime! NYC I hope you're ready for me!

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