Friday, April 22, 2011

Am I getting old?

One of my coworkers this week told me that I no longer classify as "young". While he also said that I am not "old", he said that I have surpassed the state of being young and I am now just a married women with my days numbered. Um okay? How uplifting right?

Like I said back here, I feel that age is a state of mind. My mind tells me that my body may be 27 but my vigor for life is that of a younger being inspired by what adventures and goodness may be lurking around the corner. Some days I do feel like I am aging and that my biological clock is ticking, that I should have kids by now, my career should be figured out, I should have traveled the world more, and that I should own land. Yet I am content with where I am in life and do not feel pressured to do things because others my age are. I am me and I value all the things that I have been blessed with.

My workouts this week haven't been going totally as planned. It took my body nine days to bounce back from my 8k, NINE DAYS. What the heck? I have never taken so long to recover from any race, not even a marathon. Yikes, maybe again it is the age thing or maybe its just because I have been running my tail off training for my May races. 60 mile weeks for a half and a 10 miler is a rather big commitment, especially when a lot of those miles are quick. With three weeks left I feel like my body is getting stronger even if I have mysteriously put on a few pounds in the past two months (again maybe the age thing? IDK).

On Sunday I sit down and spend a bit of time thinking about all the workouts I'm going to be doing the next week and on what days I would like to do them. By Tuesday I have completely changed everything up for various reasons. This week the weather has been playing with me a bit, as was my hip. While the hip is back to it's usual self, the weather is still icky. Truthfully I don't mind running in the rain, I actually find it somewhat therapeutic. But after a very snowy and long winter, I am ready to move on to sunny warm days.

So when I see this as the forecast for the day:

I change my workout...AGAIN. My Team World Vision run will have to wait until next week, which is okay because they are only on base mileage now. I am just not in the mood for a 16 miler progressive run in the rain today because I don't want to be in wet clothes for almost two hours today.

Yes I am hitting up the treadmill today, so 16 miler I will see you tomorrow.


  1. That is a great outlook on age. I hate that people who aren't even 30 are being called old. It is crazy!

  2. I'm 27 and feelin your pain! Some people still consider 27 a spring chicken, others make me feel like I should be married with 3 kids right now! I'm quite content where i'm at in life, i'm finally comfortable with who I am and want I want in life and it feels great!

    Oh and i'm sorry about your forecast, bummer for Easter weekend!

  3. Age is completely a state of mind--you're right!
    That forecast would NOT inspire me to spend 2 hours outside running, good call!

  4. LOL.. hmmm so your days are numbered? people are silly. i just finally feel like an adult with 26 quickly approaching, so i'm glad to know that i'm officially not young in another year after that. :)

    it sounds cheesy, but i truly believe all those actress interviews were they say they love themselves the most in their 30s.. i feel more confident every year, so i think my thirties will end up being the best years.