Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Garbage Mind

Today my mind is filled with useless garbage and lots of random thoughts about random things.

I need a vacation. Not one of those long weekend type of vacations, a real vacation with a time out from work and responsibility to relax and get myself together. I feel like my life is a mess lately and that there just are not enough hours in the day to take care of all the necessary tasks that I take on. This has created a waterfall affect that has left me spilling things over to proceeding days and feeling like I am not making progress in the necessary areas of my life.

Spring where are you? Last week it was 70 degrees, this week it has been snowing and cold. I had to break out my winter gear again, and I can't take it anymore. The gloominess has me feeling groggy and antsy. I am ready to say goodbye to my trusty North Face winter gear and hello to bathing suits, the beach, and of course my parents lake house. On top of that I am sick of doing a million loads of laundry of running gear.

My hip feels weird. I say weird because it isn't painful, or even necessarily uncomfortable, just weird. Today I should have done mile repeats but my hip was doing this weird thing where it felt like the tendons were pulling the leg muscles oddly. With the wind, horizontal rain, cool temps and this odd sensation I decided that maybe tomorrow will be a better day for a speed workout. Annoying muscles, do what I tell you damn it.

When will it be warm? My house has turned into a greenhouse. I've got plants in the bathtub and on the window sills and it is making me crazy. Our apartment is dinky and we only have one bathroom, so when there are plants living in it that have to be moved multiple times throughout the day and it makes me want to scream. While I look forward to fresh organic produce grown by moi, I don't like pots filled with dirt occupying my space. Dirt is not my friend because it's well...dirty.

I wouldn't be honest with myself if I didn't mention the brief moment of self-doubt about my upcoming half that I had last night. To achieve my sub 1:30 half goal I will have to run 13 6:50 miles, IN A ROW. While I knew this when I set my sights on this daunting task months ago, for some reason last night I could not stop questioning my abilities. My mind has since come back to reality a wee bit after reminding myself (multiple times) that I am a realistic person who has set a realistic and achievable goal. This is MY goal, and MY body can do it if I just focus and not be Mrs. Crazy Pants.

Yesterday was an exciting day for the running world with all of the successes at Boston. I was over come with emotion with the WR, Ryan Hall not being such a head case and setting an AR, Desiree Davila finally getting the recognition that she deserves for being such a fierce competitor, Kara Goucher getting a PR, and sad with the fact that I wasn't one of the organized 27,000 registrants that sat by their computer on October 18th clicking away to guarantee a spot in the race. Grrr for my terrible procrastinating habits. My day will come again.

Yikes I'm on edge, sorry D. Please forgive my crazy rantings.


  1. i feel so bad for you.. it was 83 degrees today when i was running at 6pm!! i wish it wasn't quite so warm in april, but i'd take it over snow...

    trust the training! :) i'd love to be at the race and see you blazing by!

  2. Oh my gosh, snow?! That's awful, we are having storms down here in NC but the normal days are in the 70-80 degree weather. I will wish for Spring weather up there for you!

  3. your plants in the bathtub are hillarious! I can see how it would be super-annoying, though. hopefully your weather will warm up and your hip will be back to normal!

  4. Sub 1:30 half? You are a champ! That's an awesome goal and don't doubt yourself, you can do it!

  5. sending warm thoughts your way from texas! boston was unbelievable. i teared up watching how well everyone did.