Saturday, April 16, 2011

The hay has almost filled the barn

This week my body has been feeling quite off. After my race on Sunday I decided not to take a day off because this week was filled with all easy miles, and my body is angry with me for doing so. While I really wanted a PR on Sunday, I also wanted to use the race as a tempo workout for the week and I thought that my muscle would rebound fairly well. They had me fooled.

Today my legs still feel a bit stiff. I registered to run the Chicago Marathon this fall with Team World Vision and this morning was the first group run, unfortunately I missed it. Instead I opted to hit the elliptical at the gym and give my legs a little break so that on Monday I will hopefully feel fresh once again. Sometimes I think that I should just take a cue from Chase and spend the majority of my day in bed draped in blankets.

Four weeks until my half, and next week looks to have some fairly decent miles on the books. Time to get the hay stacked all neatly in the barn.

Monday: 8 miles easy, weights

Tuesday: 5x1600's @6:20 pace with 800 jogging recoveries

Wednesday: 8 miles easy recovery, weights, yoga

Thursday: 16 miles progressive, 1/2 marathon goal pace for last 4 miles

Friday: 8 miles easy

Saturday: 8 miles easy, meet up with Team World Vision

Sunday: OFF


  1. i suck at recognizing when i need to take a day off! you def deserve fresh weeks for the week you have ahead. my doggy sleeps like that too, where all we see is his nose, hehe.

  2. sounds like a great plan! a woohoo for running with world vision- great, great cause.

  3. Looks like a great week coming up!
    Glad you know when to give the legs a little break so you can run and feel your best!