Saturday, April 2, 2011

High Mileage and Long Distances

Yesterday my latest Runner's World mag came in the mail with one of my most favorite runners EVER on the cover...Mrs. Kara Goucher! My first thought when I looked at the cover was 'my gosh thats a lot of bling to be running with!' My hubby has banned me from wearing anything diamond while working out after a certain oopsies moment that I had about a year back where my engagement ring became a tragic casualty to my clumsiness. But in all seriousness this girl looks seriously amazing after having a baby only six months ago, really she has assured me that there is hope to still look beautiful in ones body after birthing a babe. This week has been my highest mileage week since last fall when I was training for the Chitown marathon. I racked up 60 miles this week and I am feeling tired yet strong and light on my feet. Yesterday I did a progressive 16 miler in beautiful weather along the lakefront and down Navy Pier. True it was raining, but there was a very light breeze off the lake and the air had a spring warmth that my soul has been craving.
My run started at an 8 pace with the last 4 miles clocking in at sub 7 pace. Yesterday I also learned that it is really uncomfortable to try to make it through an almost two hour run with a full bladder...I wouldn't recommend trying this. I cannot wait until the city opens up the bathrooms and turns on the water fountains along the lakefront.

My Sunday will be filled with a few hours of work in the early a.m. hours and then dinner with the in laws cooked my none other then myself, followed by the best rum cake ever and finally cracking open that new Runner's World issue. All the fixings for a perfect Sunday.

One week until the Shamrock Shuffle 8k!


  1. Britt, I got my Runners world today too and first thought was "holy crap, look at that ring"! LOL...great minds think alike:)
    okay...AMAZING 16 miler my friend! good job!!

  2. nice run! i love your garmin, so much prettier than mine! :)

  3. nice 16 miler! you're gonna rock the 8k, obv. now i needa go grab that mag....


  4. i just came across your it! you do such awesome mileage. i am a newbie, but, i am so loving this new obsession. i am so envious of the scenery you have in chicago. i am in nw indiana, and it is nothing like where you are at. thanks for the inspiration you have given me, by just reading your posts