Sunday, April 24, 2011

One Craptastic Run

The Easter Bunny made an unexpected visit this morning for creatures of both the human and furry type in my home. Accompanying the treats was also a nice card from the hubster congratulating me on some rather exciting news that I'm not quite ready to share yet, but soon...and no I am not pregnant. I had to spend my evening at work missing family activities of the day and decided to drowned my woes by eating way more candy then I should have. If I wake up tomorrow and my teeth have fallen out I won't be surprised.

Easter is a wonderful day for Christians to remember the cross and what Jesus endured for our salvation, candy is just a little added perk.

Yesterday I did a 16 mile progressive run in the early am. I was up and out the door within 15 minutes and decided to forgo breakfast, bad idea. My stomach wanted food, and by the time I felt this I was already 4 miles into my run without any type of fuel handy and decided to continue on. Lactate built up in my legs quickly, and it was extremely difficult for me to progress the pace as my run went on. Hunger pangs were overwhelming me and my energy level was at about a 2, so I cut the run a mile short to head home for fuel. I think that it was quite possibly the most challenging long run that may have ever had, all because I chose not take any type of fuel before. Lesson learned.

The difficult runs make me appreciate those truly great runs where all the stars seem to align perfectly and I feel like I'm gliding. Man I love those days, and REJOICE when I have them.

Nonetheless I'm moving on to next week.

Monday: 9 miles easy, weights and yoga

Tuesday: 9 miles easy

Wednesday: 9 miles total, 6 miles tempo at 6:50 and weights

Thursday: 8 miles easy

Friday: 16 miles progressive, last 4 miles at race pace (take 2) and weights

Saturday: 8 miles easy, meet up with Team World Vision


  1. Wow! you're running schedule makes me tired just looking at it, that's awesome though! Good luck this week!

  2. Amazing running schedule for the week!

  3. Hi! I saw your comment on Kansas Runner's blog about staying strong in the heat, and had to laugh because I was going to say the same thing about the Chicago Marathon (I live in the suburbs).

    I am happy I read this today. I had a hard 21-miler yesterday and need to remember to look at the better runs when I need inspiration (and to learn from the hard ones!).

    - Kim (

  4. it really is the truth.. you need those bad runs to make the great ones feel even more epic! :)

    looks like a strong week you have planned! good luck and hope the weather cooperates!