Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shamrock Shuffle Race Recap

Today my day started with a surprise appearance from some of my family members at a very early hour to come out and support me at my race. Best surprise ever, families are awesome!

I felt a bit on edge this morning about starting in the lead pack of runners in a race of this size, but having family there to support me and tell me that me that I am going to rock it and that I have super human speed was the perfect recipe to ease my crazy mind. Starting in the elite corral in a field of 32,427 finishers was pretty cool. Apparently elite racers are cool enough to have their very own warm up area and restrooms, which I was very much appreciative of this morning because I was running a bit behind schedule.

I felt a wee bit out of place in the company of elites. The majority of them were wearing singlets in support of their running clubs and looked amazingly fast, so I made a choice to line up at the very back of the corral. Little did I know at the time that elite athletes go by clock time and not chip time for official finishes, so I unintentionally tacked on at least 5 seconds to my time...whoops.

The race started promptly at 9 a.m. and it was at least 70 degrees and rather humid, almost identical conditions to the Chicago Marathon. But the temp didn't faze me, I was all smiles.

I had a great time and had a PR of 40 seconds. My official time was 32:38, but my garmin said otherwise at 32:33 because of the 5 seconds it took to cross the start and it also let me know that I covered 5.01 miles...whoops again. So I guess hugging those turns could have possibly picked me up another 5 seconds or so.

When I race I am constantly reminding myself to run my own race and not feed off other runners pacing, but today that was a bit of a problem for me. Mile 1 I went out way to fast, and I'm talking almost sub 6...yikes I am not that fast, yet. It caused extra lactic build up in my legs that caught up with me around mile 4. Never in my life have I gone out that fast, I actually have a history of going out way too slow and being too conservative. Today must have been opposite day for me.

I have never been great with speed. 5k's, 8k's, 10k's scare the poop out of me because I have always told myself that there is not a speedy muscle in my body. Today I challenged myself to let that go and find some speed somewhere. Spending the past several weeks focusing on the way I view myself as an athlete and what I am mentally capable of handling proved to be a resourceful way of spending my time. As crazy as it may sound talking to yourself and acknowledging that you have the power to move mountains has a lot of resonance in times of trial. Positivity has wonderful potency.

The best way to celebrate a successful run is to eat as many calories of sugar that your body can hold, which I did with my Ann Sather's cinnamon roll french toast that was filled with a marscapone cream. Yummo.

I finished 455th out of 32,427 people and had a 40 second PR, which I would call a success considering that I decided to forgo any type of taper for this race. The hubster and I went for a 3.25 run/walk after we got home and spent the day enjoying the beautiful weather by stopping into Home Depot for the early stages of our "urban garden" we are working on this week. Basically I had the best day ever, and I look forward to tomorrow.


  1. YAY BRITT!!!! So happy for you! way to go girly!!
    I had some serious Race day magic today too and can't wait to tell you all aboutit in my blog tomorrow.
    you are amazing and today you overcame SO much!!! woot woot!!

  2. congrats britt!!! LOVE all of the positive mental prep. i struggle with speed too. i am going to try telling myself that i can be fast too. the picture of you waving your hand in the air is so cute! you looked great! love the recap. xoxox

  3. Hey Britt! Thanks for stopping by, I always like meeting my blogger friends! I will definitely check out your blog!

  4. CONGRATS! sounds like you had an amazing race! It's so wonderful that you can encourage yourself and mentally prep.

    also: LOVE that you said "basically, I had the best day ever." love. it.

  5. Congrats! You did amazing. I enjoyed reading your review of the race.

    P.S. I love love love Ann Sather's

  6. Awesome job!!! So glad you commented on my blog today because now I'm back and reminded that you really are someone I want to follow and keep up with. It always helps to have someone who runs similar times to learn from and reflect with...kind of like a virtual teammate. Again, awesome job!! HOpe to catch up with you so we can become "real blog buddies". :)

  7. Nice Job! 70 degrees sounds so nice to run in. I mean it is warm but I am ready for warm, get rid of that cold weather!

  8. Congratulations! Great job and super speedy. How cool to be running with the elites! And a 40 second PR is INCREDIBLE!!!!
    Thanks for finding my blog, I'm glad I get to read yours now too!