Friday, May 27, 2011

Fridays Random Thoughts

This afternoon in the mail I received a small package from the organizers of the Magellan Half Marathon that I ran almost two weeks ago. Inside this little envelope was a finishers medal reading "2nd Place Overall Female Finisher".

Backing up the story a bit, I wrote a semi vague posting last week about integrity. I didn't want to get into detail about what was going on for fear of hurting the feelings of another, but what had happened was a women had cut Sundays half marathon course short and crossed the line prematurely claiming my 2nd place finish. For the first 7 miles of this race I knew that I was in 2nd place and because the remainder of the race is a blur in my mind I wasn't quite sure if I was indeed passed by another female before the finish. Turns out that I wasn't.

Knowing the conditions of this race I never wanted to falsely accuse another person of unintentionally stealing my thunder, so I decided to respectfully accept my 3rd place finish. But my husband being the loving man he is contacted the organizers and they worked it all out and it turns out that I really did come in 2nd. Nice confidence booster before tomorrow mornings race.

It has been a really busy and weird week for me with lots of random things going on in my normally dull life. One of the highlights this week was on Wednesday when my latest posting got some local attention from the organizers of the Soldier Field 10 Mile, Fleet Feet Chicago. Turns out that my self entertainment can be weirdly amusing to others. So thank you Fleet Feet and to the few new followers that have joined along for making me feel like I just got my 15 minutes of fame.

Speaking of SF 10, I am PUMPED to run tomorrow. I love this race and this distance, and I think that my body is ready for a decent PR on this course. For a little extra motivation tomorrow I have been telling myself that because I have the 10 days after off of work to recover that there is no excuse for chickening out and not forcing myself to press the pace. Really hoping to hit 1:08 or better here. But I have been eating crap all day, which did include a GIANT serving of ice cream, so we shall see if my body is willing to comply.


  1. Wow! I am happy you got the medal that is rightfully yours. You deserve it after how hard that race was.

    Have fun at SF! :)

  2. Congrats on the 2nd OA. It really sucks that people will do such terrible things thinking they wont get caught (but thankfully they usually do). I had a feeling you were talking about this race in your integrity post. I saw you in 2nd place sometime after the turn (way before the turn for me) and there wasn't anyone else close to you.

    I am happy that you got the correct placing- only stinks you weren't able to celebrate fully on race day. I feel bad for the 3rd place finisher as well. :(

    Good luck tomorrow! I cant wait to hear how you did!

    I'll be at the Adidas tent for a little while after the race.

  3. That is great to hear about the half marathon! That really is bad that the girl cut the course short. Though not sure if I like how a race is setup as a pure out and back if it's so easy to cut the race short like that. Unless the out path is setup somewhat far apart from the back path, seems like it would make it hard to monitor for course officials.

    Gotta say I am kind of jealous of the races you have in Chicago, these races sound really awesome. They don't have anything like that out here in CA, haha Enjoy the race!

  4. How good it must feel to be vindicated. Great job on a 2nd overall and I thought your integrity post was pretty tactful. Hope that girl finds a way to live with herself, who really does that!?

  5. Ok-on my phone and want to comment more but simply CONGRATS on 2nd place which was rightfully yours and go KICK it tomorrow!!!!!!

    Oh-and quickly, I loved your last post especially the minimal clothing and hotness! Took funny but true! Good luck girl:)

  6. Enjoy the race! Ice cream will make you run faster!

  7. im glad everything worked out and you got the place you truly deserved! yay! good luck on your run tomorrow.

  8. wow, 3rd place was amazing Britt, but 2nd is even better!!! way to go!
    and I can't WAIT to read about the race tomorrow! I will be flying to maui but will you update so I can read when I get there? lol...infact text me your results if you can! I can't wait to hear and hello? YES you can do a 108....what is that 6:40 pace? you're amazing...I can't wait to hear!

  9. I think I missed your last post Britt...I'm off to read that too but kick some butt tomorrow!! You're amazing in so many ways!

  10. I'm glad you got the medal and recognition that you deserved for your last race. GOOD LUCK today with the 10 mile race, you'll rock it!

  11. Glad it all worked out. I think you deserve about ten medals for running through that weather. haha.

  12. Congratulations on your 2nd place! It's so nice that they recognized the mistake and send you your medal!