Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's Taper Time

After Saturdays absurdly inappropriate meltdown over milk, I opted to head to Target with the hubster after my long run. Whoops I forgot to stretch, fuel, ice or do anything else that would have been beneficial to my body after covering 15 miles in nearly 2 hours. That is unless sour patch kids watermelon gummies and a Starbucks white mocha sans whipped cream counts as post workout recovery. I heard that was Desiree Davila's secret to nearly winning Boston.

Yes that is me having my pout fest.

So sometimes I make bad decisions, and I definitely pay for it. Todays easy 9 didn't feel so easy with all the lactate that decided to linger in my legs. I was still able to hold a decent pace and feel relaxed but had to workout the crampage in the calves so that the legs could move on with the week and rest. What has always worked best to alleviate lactate in my legs is to stride it out. Every half mile I included a 20 second stride to remind my muscles to get that acid moving.

Post run fueling is so important, and sadly I was a failure at this yesterday. Distance running recruits a lot of muscle action in the body and burns through so many carbohydrate, protein, and fat stores. The only way for the body to restore muscles and gain strength is to replenish these nutrients after exercise. Knowing this and following this are two different things in my world, and sometimes pizza and candy sound better then a healthier fare. My body is punishing me today for my nutritional indiscretions of yesterday. Maybe not the best of choices 6 days out from a half marathon.

TAPER MADNESS this week.

Monday: OFF, weights
Tuesday: 5 miles easy
Wednesday: 5 miles easy, weights
Thursday: 6 miles, 3x1600's in 6:15
Friday: 5 miles easy, weights
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: RACE DAY


  1. Good luck in your half marathon! Sometimes I don't make the best choices because I get so caught up in something else but I have learned to just get over it and try to be better next time

  2. I don't know why but when I run I crave Jelly beans. Isn't that awful.

  3. Oh-man, I do the same thing and always seem to eat crap during the taper.

  4. I think we all have those days where our minds are other places...and we think our bodies don't need all the stuff they really do. Good luck this week!

  5. chocolate milk! i actually started drinking it years ago after a workout or run. Yet, about a year ago I read it is one of the best quick post run replenish drinks you can find.

  6. I totally skipped any post run recovery on sat and suffered for it! Lovin' your pout pic :)

  7. I really need to get better at the post run fueling. I'm either not hungry at all or just want beer, pizza and chips...I'm also terrible with the ice baths etc. Perhaps that's why it's Monday and I still feel like hell from Saturday.....Love the pout pic! Good luck with the taper! Excited to see how it goes for you this weekend. I anticipate VERY well:)

  8. Thanks for your tip on visualization! I am a HUGE believer in that as well! Positive reinforcement and self talk is vital to our success as a runner!

    I hope you are feeling better fuel lesson learned!

  9. It is hard to fuel post run - I never feel like eating and practically have to choke stuff down.

    Really appreciate your posts!