Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Mad Persuasive Skills

Thank you all for your sweet comments to my crazy rantings. I know that it can be painful reading an insane women's thoughts, but I need to be honest with myself. Plainly put, life is hard and balance can be difficult to find at times for everyone. I need to learn to not let my saucy attitude gets the best of me at times and keep the building blocks of my heart solid.

I'm in countdown mode today. 2 days until I'm off of work for the next 12 days, which means 3 days until the Soldier Field 10 Mile. This will be my 4th year at this race, and it is definitely lies at the top of my list of races to not miss in the Chicagoland area each year. Races are expensive and my husband and I are not millionaires, not by a long shot. So when I take time to plan out my racing schedule for the year I have to have clear and persuasive selling points for each race so my hubby will let me spend more of our hard earned dollars on running rather then saving for less practical things, you know like a house. Truthfully if I had it my way we would be broke, but well traveled to races across the globe.

This years selling points:
  1. Who doesn't want to start off their Memorial Day weekend at the crack of dawn for a 7:30 a.m. race?
  2. I will get to trek onto usually forbidden spaces for runners like Lakeshore Drive and the field where the amazing Chicago Bears play.
  3. Okay so the race is a bit steep. But if I sign up EARLY it's only $60, and this year they are giving out a medal AND a stadium blanket to finishers. Who would turn down a blanket?
  4. They will print my name on my bib. True that there aren't many spectators along the route, but if anyone does want to know my name that morning it will be clearly printed for them to see.
  5. You can bring a book or magazine and sit in the stands and munch on some Dunkin Donuts while I'm running, it could be a nice quiet time for you.
  6. I promise that this year I will break 1:10. I will CRUSH it. By boatloads.
  7. Lets face it, I like to run wearing minimal clothing and I'm hot...and you like to look at my sexy runners bod.
  8. You can have my post race beer.
  9. I might not get to do this race next year if I'm carrying your baby.
  10. While I'm modest and don't like to bring up my running or boast of my accomplishments much outside of my blog, you know that you like to brag about your wife being fast and about all of the men she beats.


  1. This is awesome!!! I especially love 5,7, 9 and 10! you are awesome Britt! wish I was running withn you this weekend...this break and injury are getting old. you better kick some boot-tay! I will be checking your blog from MAUI! xoxo

  2. If you're not a sales rep in "real life"....maybe you missed your calling. :)

  3. Too funny, loved all of your points. Gosh girl, you're going to kick this race's butt!
    I'm a big fan of lists and this one is no exception.

  4. Good luck on your race and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  5. I ran the SF10 as a bandit a few years ago! It's such a fun race! You are going to kick a**. I have always struggled with balance but I am hoping we can both figure it out this time around. Let's keep eachother up to date on how we're doing. :) Deal?

  6. You are too funny - love the selling points! I have to do something similar with my husband too :) Races are SO expensive, and the price is only going to go up. (and we also want a house) sigh...

    Good luck - you are going to rock the 10 miler. It's funny, my all-time-favorite-must-do-race is also a 10 miler. I don't miss Army 10 Miler for the world!

  7. This is a great list of selling points!!! How could anyone say no after that!?!

    Good luck this weekend, I'm sure you will crush your goal. The weather seems slightly more favorable than the Chicago (hypothermia) spring half. ;)

  8. Awesome! I like babies so that point it a top sellar! Have a great race - sub 1:10 or bust! Happy Memorial Day weekend!
    P.S. Thanks for the "arm" comment - it's the ONE area that requires little work for me - sure do wish the "abs" were the same:)

  9. Britt, your blog post just got a mention on the Fleet Feet Facebook page. Check it out: http://www.facebook.com/fleetfeetsportschicago

  10. haha, love your list!! my husband takes some convincing too! somehow i think it's ridiculous to spend $100 on things that last, like a good jacket, but it's a no brainer that we should spend it on a 2 hour race experience! :)

  11. I LOVE your selling points! If I come to Chicago I am SO looking for you even if you don't run the Urbanathlon! And I just went through some of your older posts...can I please have your body? Thanks. It is perfection. Do you do anything else besides running? You have incredible shape and muscle and I kind of want to be you.

  12. I googled and googled until I found a solution and now I can finally comment! Victory! Good luck at soldier field! My buddy in Chi-town loves that race! Do it for the blanket! Hahaha, that's awesome, i'm SOLD!

  13. ha ha!! Spin the guilt on the hubs with "if I'm carrying YOUR baby"!

    Actually, this sounds like a blast!! I'm sold and wish I was in the Midwest to join you!!

  14. Ha! Love this! The minimal clothing, the carrying his baby next year, giving him your beer! You're so funny. Smash that 1:10! I've never raced a 10miler before! Go get em!

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  16. Indeed you have the most powerful persuasive skills I have seen in a long time!! Keep it Up!!!