Friday, May 13, 2011

Taper Confusion

I would just like to give blogger a special thanks for deleting my last posting. I am so glad that instead of the studying that I should have been doing yesterday morning I instead decided to spend an hour typing and publishing a post, obviously time well spent. So thank you for taking that unproductive hour from my day that I will never get back. Still hoping that it may reappear sometime soon.

Moving on in the world...what is it about a taper that makes my body feel so tired and achy? This week I have barely been able to pull my carcass out of bed in the morning, my legs have been feeling sluggish, calves have a mild burning sensation, I have been eating like I'm going into hibernation yet I am losing weight, and there are lots of extra hormones flowing through my blood that make me want to cry about everything. Basically I feel like a hot mess.

Foam rolling has become my second job. Gosh this was the best investment ever. The trigger point foam roller will save your life, go buy one now!!! Man I like that angle, my legs look long instead of their usual stubby self.

I have spent more time in downward dog this week then cleaning my house or washing my hair, as the above picture shows. Look the cleaning lady, i.e. me, needed a week off.

And chilling with my pups on my porch has been the highlight of my mornings.

Maybe it is the humidity that hit Chicago this week, but my body is really confused. Yet every stinking time I taper I have this problem. I have ran a mere 23 ease miles this week, nothing to impressive for me. WHY BODY? Why are you doing this to me? Yesterday I even abandoned my speed workout because my legs felt like led.

I still am confident that I am going to nail that 1:29 half, just frustrated that my week has been filled with stiff achilles and sluggish runs. Shouldn't it all feel like a piece of cake at this point?


  1. Hang in there lady! Tapering is just rough - it's great you're spending plenty of time taking care of yourself, it will pay off! Um and WTH blogger? My last post showing is from May 9th? I read an update saying all posts should be restored shortly? This is all crazy town!

  2. New reader here. Found you thru some comments on Hungry Runner Girl!

    I have a trigger point too. Love it! Best $35 evah.

    Hang in there!

  3. Yes, also VERY mad a Blogger right now, too. Ughhh!

    Good luck this weekend :)

  4. I read your awesome post yesterday. :) Good luck in your race! I hope you get 1:29!!

  5. Good Luck! I have a half Sunday in Denver!

  6. Your post showed up in my reader yesterday and I dug it, too.
    I hope your achilles loosens up!

  7. I was trying to comment on your post yesterday to say good luck and ask if you are doing the race in Schaumburg? My goal full is that one but I am not sure if I will run it yet.

  8. Your post should come back! Mine just did :)

    Good luck!

  9. Sorry about your post--they seem to be coming back slowly, yay!
    Keep foam rolling lady!

  10. I HATE tapering. A couple of days before Boston, I could hardly walk because my Achilles was driving me crazy. Oddly enough, I never felt it in the race or EVER again! You lose weight during taper! Dang-I put on like 3-4 pounds in a marathon taper I bet.

    You're gonna ROCK out on Sunday! Everything will come together and your body will just LOVE you for the rest!!! Good luck girl! Thinking of you!

    Great legs:)

  11. I don't have enough experience with tapering - having only done it a couple of times to feel sure that there is a trend for me, but my guess is it's kind of like how sometimes you feel more tired on the weekend or when you get a couple of days off from work. You're doing less, but the tiredness just sort of catches up to you. You are going to rock your half!