Thursday, May 12, 2011

Where My Head Is These Days

If I were to tell you that I am excited about Sunday's half marathon, I don't even know if that would be able to describe my emotions. I AM PUMPED! I mean truly ecstatic, words cannot even be said about how much I want to run this race and break 1:30.

This is my excited face.

The last half I ran was Labor Day last fall. I didn't really have any expectations going into the race because it fell after two 70+ mile weeks while I was training for the Chicago marathon. I showed up to the race not knowing much about the course and just wanted to get in a good workout, which strangely enough left me feeling confident and relaxed. My focus for that day was to get out there and have fun. Period. There were no other expectations.

I realize here that it may appear that I wet my pants, I assure you that I did not. I have not quite mastered the drinking while running thing.

I was chillaxed and kept telling myself that I was doing awesome. I was cruising over hills like I never had before and felt mentally stronger as each mile passed. Truly it was one of the most amazing race experiences that I have ever had in my life because my head was in the game. At that point in time I took a break from telling myself what I couldn't do and instead focused on what I could do, it was the beginning of my spiritual running days and damn it felt good.

For me there are a lot of factors that I take into consideration that I allow to hold me back from success in nearly every area of my life. Wasting time focusing on my limitations used to consume the majority of my thoughts. I would tell myself that I wasn't capable, I wasn't good enough, that my legs do not possess the power of speed, and that I was short with big legs and scrawny arms which do not make me look like a runner. Whine whine whine.

After my splatter all over the pavement of the 26.2 miles of the Chicago marathon in the fall, it took a lot for me to mentally pull myself back together. Simply put, when you are constantly telling yourself that you can't do will ultimately fail. I hate how all of my greatest lessons in life come from my missteps and failures, but this is what also makes them have such a positive impact on my life. If there is one thing that I have learned in my life it is that no matter if your attitude is positive or negative, it will spread like a plague. So these days I choose positivity, my body may be small but it is mighty and I can move mountains.

This winter I have been hitting it hard at the gym and on the roads pushing for this sub 1:30 half because I WANT IT. I want it so bad that lately all I can see in my mind is me crossing the finish line and the clock reading 1:29 with a giant smile on my face and my hands raised high in the air. Yikes, it gives me goosebumps and makes my heart beat a little faster just thinking about it. So even if the weather is looking a tad less then desirable:

I'm still showing up to that starting line ready to kick my own ass. Sure 23 mph winds coming off the lake aren't the most desirable conditions for a PR on a course that rides right along the lakefront, but I'm not too concerned. My God powers my legs these days, and I am confident that he will strengthen me. I will NOT be allowing negative thoughts to enter my mind. There is only room for positive feelings about how I will glorify my God with the awesome power he has given me.

Thank you Lord, you are awesome.


  1. This part: "short with big legs and scrawny arms" sounds just like how I've always viewed myself. I've always seen pictures of what female runners look like... and I don't look like them.
    But I'm starting to realize that some girls look like runners, but couldn't even dream of running two miles. What I need to focus on is what I can do. And what I can do is so much more than what I could do last year, or even just a few months ago.
    It can be really really hard to stop beating yourself up, and I'm still in the process of learning this myself, but I am feeling so much better about myself already. :)

    Good luck on your race... I'm sure you will kick major butt! :D

  2. you are a rockstar!! can't wait to read the race report :)

  3. Your "excited face" photo is gorgeous, your blue eyes are glowing!

    Have a great run this weekend, you're going to do awesome.

    I liked how you described your half from last fall where you were really relaxed. I like running when I have no special expectations, sometimes they turn out to be really great surprises. You're right, the negative thoughts will weigh us down and keep us from achieving what we are capable of.

  4. Hi Britt, I don't think I've commented on your blog before but I just wanted to say good luck! And thanks for the encouragement. I'm not a fast runner like you but it reminded me to always use my talents, abilities, and time for God. Thankfully, he makes that way possible! I'm running a 10k on Saturday and was able to fundraise $300 for Samaritan's Purse in their relief efforts in the South. I figured, I love to run so why not use this love to help others?

  5. Good luck this weekend. You are going to rock your 1/2 marathon and corss in 1:29 :) God is good - and it sounds like you've been training hard for this - He will get you through it!

  6. Good luck in you half! You will do great!

  7. Awesome post. No matter what happens, give it your all and be proud of you!

  8. Good luck! You are definitely in the right place mentally and physically, you will do great!

  9. Britt, I have no doubt in my mind that you can run a sub 1:30 tomorrow. You've got that easily if you want it and your mind cooperates with you. I wouldn't be surprised if you beat this goal by at least 2-3 minutes! Go get it Britt. You've done the work now it is time to have fun. And girl, that body of yours isn't exactly scrawny! You look like a mighty lean mean muscle running machine and I can't wait to you see you perform! No pressure...take it off. Just. Enjoy. Being. Fast!

  10. Good luck! You're gonna kick some butt for sure. I am way impressed by anyone seriously considering sub-1:30!!

  11. Britt! This post just gave me chills - YOU ARE AWESOME and your ability to give it to God and trust in his strength, not just your own is SO inspiring. The best part of life is that we are resilient and able to learn from our failures and weaknesses and GAIN from them! I will be praying for you - GOOD LUCK and run like the wind...just hopefully not against it! ;)

  12. this post put a HUGE smile on my face! you are going to rock that half - by either breaking 1:30 or just enjoying every second of it cause you get to have a body that can run hard! it's so great that you are finding a good mental balance between pushing yourself but still being content when things don't always pan out.

    GOOOOOD LUCK tomorrow!!!!

  13. Good luck tomorrow! What an amazing opportunity to use what God has given you, just like you said :)