Monday, June 6, 2011

Back into Marathoning

Today is Day 1 of Week 1 of my Chicago marathon training. I've spent the past week relaxing around the house, studying, spending time with friends and family, eating too much junk, and the weekend at my parents lake house. It has been wonderful, but doing nothing has been exhausting for me. Basically it is more difficult for me to relax then it is to be scheduled. I am a neurotic control freak.

So after a wonderful weekend in the middle of the Wisconsin woods watching dogs swim,

Eating foods covered in sauces, cheese, and lots of butter,

And chillin on a boat,

these legs are ready to work it out, or sweat it out in todays case.

I came home this afternoon with some lovely weather waiting for me. Workout 1 of marathon season, an easy 10 miler, and these comfortable conditions are awaiting to be graced with my presence.

I probably shouldn't have stayed up past my bedtime eating too many s'mores or rolled over when the alarm went off this morning so that I could have gotten my run in while the weather was still playing nice. But I didn't. So I may have to do a modified workout this afternoon, which probably isn't the right foot to start off on. There are still 125 days until race morning, so I don't think a modified workout on day 1 will be too bad. I guess the good news is I'll probably sweat off all of the fried items and cheese I have been shoving into my mouth for the past 48 hours.

Being locked up in the middle of nowhere and not having a 3G connection in the middle of a lake has really put me behind in my blog reading. I guess that means tonight after I recover from losing 30 pounds of sweat from my run my tushie will be parked on my couch with my eyes glued on my laptop.


  1. Hahaha I love this. Wahoo for good weather and fried foods! Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! Can't wait to follow your marathon training. PS - signed up for the Urbanathlon in your beautiful city! I'm coming to FIND YOU! Ahaha

  2. I'm the same...doing nothing is really hard for people like us!! :) But it sounds like a great weekend getaway!! Summer still has not really come here yet...well, it came for my race and then went back to cool, cloudy and scattered showers. ha! Happy beginning of marathon training girl!! :) Excited to watch you!

  3. Great pics Britt! Glad you took advantage of the hotness near water. I can't believe marathon training for Chi town already starts! I'm excited to continue to learn from you!

    Guess I better make up my mind if I am doing a fall marathon huh?!!

    Have a great week!

  4. Sounds like a fun (much needed) weekend. Chicago training, what's that!? I can't exercise for one more week! Can you believe that? Nobody warned me about this post-procedure rest. I guess I can start to create my plan and just stare at it for a little while. I am super anxious to get into it.

    mmm, s'mores!

  5. Gorgeous photos--looks like fun! One modified workout won't kill ya!

  6. Be safe out there! It's hot today!

    I love escaping to my parent's cabin on the river... and eating too much. Hee hee. What a fun weekend you had!

  7. I have to "mentally prepare" to take time off. It just isn't normal for me!

  8. Yeah, can't wait to follow your training! Wisconsin is like the home of the Gods! Love it there! Today is Day 1 of my marathon training too! Knowing the schedule I was about to take on, I was pretty lazy last week too!

  9. i want to be on a boat! anything with water sounds good when it's hot! :)

    good luck on day 1!! you sure didn't get too much of a break between training cycles lol

  10. It sounds and looks from the pictures like a fantastic weekend! And really, who can resist foods covered in cheese and butter?!? Yum!

    I'm really excited to follow and be inspired by your training for Chicago!

  11. Super cute pic of you and the man friend!

    Good luck with the training...don't worry, s'mores only make you faster (I wish) :)

  12. Yay! Happy Chicago marathon training to you!!

  13. Ohhhhh....just reading this Britt I get so excited for you!...and I can totally feel your sense of determination and are going to have a great training cycle and awesome marathon.
    glad you get back to work!;) just kidding. xx

  14. suh-weet. i'm running chi-town too. deep dish for everyone!

  15. Yeah-so I totally get that first paragraph!

    Gosh, I feel behind and I haven't even started! My fall marathon is the weekend before Chicago! I have a feeling you are going to just smoke out a whopper in October. Like maybe the biggest marathon PR ever from #1 to #2:) Good luck with the training! Will be so fun to follow you!