Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Learning Selflessness for Team World Vision

This morning I woke up with a headache, one that I have had for several days now. I haven't been sleeping well and have a lot of things on my mind. The commitments I have made, my priorities to my family, developing my career, and marathon training have been sucking all of the energy out of me. I haven't had the chance to relax and reflect on the necessary things in my life that need my attention, and I constantly feel anxious. Life has me planning for the next moment before I allow myself to enjoy the current one. The balance that I have been barking about for months now keeps teetering back and forth and life is never quite level in my household.

Today could have been like any other stress filled day for me. Waking with a headache. Going for a run where I am still feeling some fairly severe pain from my fall on Saturday. Running into a trash can while on my run that left an ugly strawberry on my arm (if you haven't guessed by now I am rather clumsy). Realizing that a lifting session isn't a good idea again today with the combo of the head and knee pains. The grocery store not having the produce that I wanted. Water being shut off in my building without my notice, AGAIN.

I realized that the water was turned off when I was making breakfast this morning as I was attempting to wash my berries. Lifted the handle of the spout, and nothing came out. Immediately I became frustrated because I knew that this would complicate my morning. Grabbing my keys and leashing up my pups I walked to the 7-11 and bought the largest bottle of water they had, $2.90 for water...did I mention that I am against bottled water? Like the concept, hate where all the bottles end up and the complications it makes for our environment.

When I got home, I washed my berries with my $2.90 bottle of water and sat down to enjoy my breakfast. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, and my heart became heavy. I felt convicted of the things I take for granted, the things that I never have to think about in my life because they are just there. My heart felt even more somber when I acknowledged how much I am slacking on my commitment to Team World Vision because this is their purpose, providing water and resources.

Team World Vision is a charity that was developed in 2005 with the purpose of providing clean water to those in Africa and Haiti. Their vision is to provide basic resources to those in need and help fight poverty. In February I decided that this was something I wanted to be a part of and decided to run the Chicago Marathon in the fall for TWV and raise as much money as I could for this amazing cause. I don't know what happened to my heart between then and now, but this commitment had somehow been pushed to the back burner and thought of as something that I will take care of tomorrow. But as we all know, tomorrow never comes.

Clean drinking water is something that I value, but take for granted because it is always there for me. I don't have to think about where it comes from, if it is safe to drink, or how much I use. It's abundance in my life has never had to be questioned. The sad thing is that this is a luxury and while I may claim to be a simple lady, I am very fortunate to have this in my life. Not worrying about washing clothes, showering, brushing my teeth, and staying hydrated are all things that I mindlessly do in my life. I am a very fortunate and lucky woman.

Water is an essential nutrient, and important for all people. If this is something that speaks to your heart, please clink on the below link and help me raise money for Team World Vision to provide essential resources to those who are not as lucky as we are.

Team World Vision, we all can make a difference.


  1. Epiphanies....better late than never. Good for you for wanting to be involved in something greater than yourself.

  2. awesome cause! i ran for living water international (similar organization) at the houston marathon and loved being able to have a reason to run.

  3. wow this is such an amazing cause!

    running for this is so so so inspiring to me!

  4. Hi from a new follower and avid runner!

    What a great cause. And now I'm off to see if I'm too late for your gotein giveaway.

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  5. Thank you for this Britt! Thank you for writing about something so important, so humbling...something that needs to be said. I believe strongly that as someone who has the means, I need to help those less is our role as a member of the take care of each other. I'm so inspired by how you choose to use your voice...and your talent with writing. I'll share this on my fb.

  6. So proud you are doing this! I met the Team Vision booth at the Sea RNR expo and was superbly impressed!


  7. I didn't know about this cause before your post. It seems like such a worthwhile charity to raise funds for.

    I lived in mexico for 2 years and it was a humbling experience. As you mentioned so many things we take for granted are extreme luxuries in other places. I am a changed person from those 2 years and look at life very differenty. I wish more people could see how lucky we are to have these everyday luxuries.