Sunday, June 26, 2011

Marathon Training Week 3 Recap

Poor planning skills for long run recovery were the theme for this past week. 65 goal miles with 64 actual, 7 of which were on an elliptical.

Monday: 8 miles slow on the treadmill in 1:03:50. Did an 18 miler the day prior, should have taken a rest day here but didn't. My legs weren't quite ready to go for a 2+ hour run without a rest day to follow, should have waited a few more weeks in my cycle to attempt this. Hit the weight room at the gym and got in a full body lifting session.

Tuesday: 9.11 miles in 1:10:01. Still lingering aches from the 18 miler. I actually thought on this day that I may be developing a foot problem.

Wednesday: 9.64 miles in 1:14:38. Originally planned for a tempo on this day, but my legs STILL were achy. The foot pains from Tuesday ceased, but now my knees were aching. Full body resistance session.

Thursday: Trying out a new speed work system with two-a-days. Am speed session, pm recovery run. Morning run was a 5 mile tempo @ 6:55 pace, which was slightly slower then planned but decent. In the late afternoon went for a 3.1 extra easy shake out run with the hubby in a pair of shoes that made my achy knees worse and I now want to light on fire.

Friday: Knees were terrible at this point in the week. Those damn shoes really did a number on me. Decided that it would be best to turn to the elliptical on this day so that my long run of the week would still be possible. I hate the elliptical. My feet go numb, is that normal??? Upper body resistance session.

Saturday: Woke early to get in 20 miles but feel short on time and knew that I had to cut it short, so I clocked 18.9 miles in 2:21:43. IT FELT AMAZING. Took 2 Clif Gu's that felt like they helped tremendously. Really wish I could have finished out the last mile, but bad planning said otherwise. When I woke my knees felt great, until my catastrophic fall later in the afternoon.

This week I felt twinges in every muscle in my entire body, which I know was because I didn't take a day off after last Sunday's 18. Now with my knee bruised, swollen, and stiff from my fall I know that next week will require some major adjustments. I am going to back my mileage down for the week to about 50ish miles and make attempts to get in some yoga. Taking care of my wounded knee is top priority this week.

Do you take Gu on your long runs?
If so, how many and how often?


  1. Wow! I am so impressed with your training.

    I SUPER hate the elliptical. My feet go numb too.

    I used to take GUs on long runs during my last marathon training cycle (every 45 minutes), and then I got a coach who told me that he doesn't train with them. He only trains with water and then takes 2 mouthfuls of sports drink at every aid station during his marathons (BTW, he's 72 years old and ran Boston in 3:29 this past April. His marathon PR is a 2:27).

    I actually feel better not taking the GUs (and sports drink) because it turns out that they cause me to have lower GI issues (i.e. I have to POOP at some point on my long runs.). I am sticking with water + Nuun until further notice. That being said, the longest I've gone without a GU is 13 miles (did it this morning).

    Figuring out a hydration/nutrition plan during training and racing is such a challenge.

  2. Great work with all the miles. Hope your knee twinges feel better ASAP, maybe they are whispering for a nice, relaxing yoga session :)

    I've never taken a gu while running, but I would like to try it out. Need to start training my body to accept food while on long runs, because my natural inclination is to not eat before/during running.

  3. I'm totally addicted to Gu. Whether is physical or mental (I think it's physical), I start to fade on long runs. If I take the Gu routinely throughout the run,I'm able to stay on pace, and the quality is so much better for me.

    I take one at 1 hour, and then every 45 min. after that. @ 16 miles - up, I will also add Gatorade. I'm fortunate to have a tough tummy. I hear friends routinely talk about BAD runs and long runs. When you talk to them more they're typically not hydrating and/or supplementing enough, IMO. I hydrate every 20 min. I'm a HEAVY sweater. This keeps me level and feeling good for the majority of my runs. Yes, I still have some bad runs, but I don't have the horrible runs that I hear about from friends who fail to hydrate and gel. I'm a believer!

  4. I'm a GU girl from way back. I listen to my body and let it dictate the # I take during a long run or a marathon. I always carry more than I need. Rather have them on me if I need them.

  5. Wowzers you are awesome! Take this upcoming week to take care of that knee of yours! That should be at the top of your to do list!

    I love GUs. I usually don't take one until maybe the 6 mile mark, and then about every 3 miles after that. I find that it helps me out a lot. I used to be really hesitant to eat while running but it makes a huge difference in my energy levels.

  6. That is some impressive mileage! Good idea on the recovery week to make sure you avoid an injury.

    I like Gu chomps or shot blocks rather than the gels, but I'll take about 100 calories an hour into a long run, and then at least 100 cals each hour after that. My longest run to date was 15 miles, and I think I ate about 250 cals. in that time--but I'm sure it took me a lot longer than it would take you!

  7. i LOVE Clifs GU shot blocks. I usually take when I am doing a double digit run or longer and start at mile 10, then every 3 miles after that.

    Your milage, like always, is so impressive! You rock it girl!

  8. Hey girl. Wow, your training sound so impressive! Seriously inspired here. And impressed. Gu...I have not used it a ton on long training runs until recently but I did use it in my marathons. I'm going to try out a more trickle type fueling in my next marathon where I take like half a Gu every 5 miles or so instead of taking the whole thing at once. A little at a time. Not sure it will be the best plan but we shall see. I need to catch up on here. I"ve been off blogs mostly for the past week.

  9. So Sorry to hear about your achy knees :/ Glad to hear your long run went well though! I don't run long distances yet so I do not use GU or anything like it, but I love clif shot blocks for long bike rides

  10. Wow Gorky your 19 miles at sub 7:30 pace???? Nice work!! Was that a comfortable effort for you? Did you run that progression? O do take gu on long runs but only the ones over 16 miles. Mind you I have only done 8 runs over 16 on my life so I am still learning:) your training looks great and I can't wait to see how great you do in your upcoming races!!! Take care of that knee!! Loves xxx

  11. great job on the miles, hope those twinges go away asap! I GU about every 40min or so

  12. I hate ellipticals too. Sorry to hear about your knee. Hope it gets better soon :/

    I never use Gu, but sometimes I take the chomps or shot blocks with me. Eat 2 half way through my long run.

  13. ellipticals suck. i get SO bored. great long run this week!!

  14. Great runs! I hate the elliptical now. I can only do about 20 minutes before my feet go numb. My dad said cyclists have similar problems on long rides and that's why their cycle shoes are hard- something about keeping the blood flow going. He also said to try scrunching your toes every once in a while to help reduce numbness. I haven't been able to try Wearing harder shoes or anything because the ellip hurts my calf.

  15. Sounds like your training is going great! Not sure that I have felt my feet go numb on the elliptical machine before, but maybe I just haven't noticed it. Maybe just take like a 10 sec break every 10 minute to shake out your feet or something?

    For gels I take one every 4 miles or so, along with a endurolyte salt tablet.

  16. I hope your knees feel better! I've become semi superstitious about Gu and stuff during training for marathons. I figure...if I train myself to run with no sugar in my system, my body will perform better with it on race day. But that's probably dumb :).

  17. I am happy the last long run was good! Did you like the am speed and pm recovery?

    I take a GU every 4 miles. I know that is a lot for some people but it works for me!