Saturday, June 25, 2011

One Self Inflicted Stressful Saturday

Ever have one of those days when you try to squeeze everything in and nothing seems to be turning out quite the way you planned? Today was that day for me.

6 am: Wake up. Feed the dogs, and take them for a walk. Eat some Clif Shot Bloks, apply sunblock and Vaseline. Put on my favorite Lululemon running shorts and my favorite Addias socks. Pull my Clif Gu out of the freezer and shove it into my tiny pockets like a fat man in a little coat.

6:30 am: Head out for my planned 20 miler.

9:10ish am: Return from what should have been a 20 miler but was only 19 because of timing.

9:15-9:30 am: Take an ice bath and suck down some Gotein (check back on Monday about this).

9:30 am: Eat as much fruit as possible in 15 minutes for breakfast.

9:45 am: Shower. Wash the filth off of my greasy grimy hair trying to look presentable for a bunch of people who are not familiar with my normal lack of concern about my appearance.

10:50 am: Rush out of the house like a man woman with full hands. Iced coffee, check. Baby shower gift, check. Ice cream for baby shower, check. Loaded purse, check. Cupcake stand, check.

11:05 am: Arrive 5 minutes late to baby shower and feel like an idiot for being the last one to arrive.

12:50 pm: Exit baby shower early to get home and go to work by 2:30.


12:55 pm: When I should have made a U-turn in my car, instead I decide to be a commendable citizen driver by getting in the left turn lane and going around the block back to my house.

1 pm: The sudden realization of how in the city "going around the block" is a bad idea on a Saturday afternoon hits me. Really it shouldn't take 15 minutes to drive just under 1 mile, but urban life says otherwise.

1:05 pm: Get overly frustrated when trying to get into my alley. NEWS FLASH PEOPLE: Alleyways are not parking lots.

1:07 pm: Get into an argument with a landscaper blocking the 2nd entrance of my alley.

1:10 pm: Finally pull into my garage.

1:12 pm: Rush like a mad woman up marble stairs in slippery flip flops. Fall. Hit my knee on the marble. Hard. Hit my head on the door. Hit my wrist. All for the protection of my iPhone.

1:13 pm: Arrive in my apartment. Tears streaming down my face. Blood trickling down my leg.

1:15 pm: Take the dogs outside for a gimpy walk. They think I'm crazy because I'm rushing around the house. Crying. Bleeding.

1:45 pm: Make it to the train.

1:50 pm: Eat a nutritious lunch outside of my backpack. Start to notice a tingly feeling in my arm. Discoverd that my arm is scraped.

5:05 pm: Go to Potbellies for a sandwich.

5:15 pm: Open the sandwich at work and realize that those jerks forgot to put all the toppings on it. Sad. Fight back tears.

6:30 pm: Declare this day a loss. Mentally move on to Sunday. Enjoy Shelia's Dream Bar.


  1. That's terrible! Good idea to mentally move on. But don't forget to celebrate your 19 miler!

  2. Hang in there! When/if you decide to have kids... you'll have a LOT of these days. ;-) Life is what happens when you're busy making plans, right?!?!

    Great job on your 19-miler!!!

  3. A waste? No way!! you ran 19 miles dude!!!! some days just don't work in our favor though...I like to just sleep those ones off and start over tomorrow! :):) xxx

  4. noo:( put the past in the past...but damn 19 miles! that is a-ma-zingggg
    i wish i had your running skills!

  5. but TODAY is a NEW day!

    think about the fact that you are already running 19 miles for an Oct. marathon and that is SUPER! (I am at 4, for an Oct. marathon - not to worry...I will get there too)

  6. you poor thing! At least everyday is a fresh start!

  7. Oh gosh what a terrible day! Any one of those events by itself wouldn't be bad but to have it all happen in one day is overwhelming. Hope today is much better. And also hope your leg and arm recover fast!

  8. Oh yuck! That is an awful day. I would have been crying too :(