Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 1 Recap

Week 1 was kind of a flop for me. Monday's weather started off with balmy conditions nearing 100 degrees with high humidity that I wasn't prepared for. These lovely temps decided to linger for several days and got the best of me. My usually comfortable sub 8 pace for easy runs became a joke to my body and my attention went from pacing and distance to just surviving, which I barely managed most days.

To make matters a bit more complicated for myself, I took 10 days off of weight lifting. No big deal right? Sure, unless you decide to get a little overzealous with the comeback. Tuesday I thought that I would try to be a bad ass and do 3 sets of 15 lunges per leg with 15 pound weights followed by 3 sets of 15 squats with 35 pounds on each side of the bar. My legs are usually freakishly strong for my pint size, but after 10 days of NADA in the resistance realm...this nearly killed me. Every now and then I get a teeniest bit of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness, you know the feeling that happens 24-48 hours after a killer workout), but this was a bit much for me. When I woke up on Wednesday with a tempo run on the schedule and my legs were as stiff as a overly starched shirt, I knew that a modification was in order and there was no way my legs would be able to pump out 6 sub 7 miles.

I've been paying for my eager attitude to get back into the gym all week. Every one of my runs has been cut short this week, and my 60 mile goal missed. A year ago this would have freaked me out and I would have found myself trying to squeeze in a few extra miles somewhere, but not this time around. Missed miles are simply what they are, missed...meaning they have come and gone and there is no need to be a crazy woman and force them into an already booked schedule. This is the only the end of week 1 and I still have 17 weeks ahead of me filled with plenty of miles. I am not worried about my sub 3:10 being compromised because of a few missed miles, I know that come October that finish line will be anxiously awaiting my finish.

Just have to keep reminding myself that balance is important and my abilities aren't what hold me back, it is my head that always gets in the way. As noted here my head may have taken years to get to the right place, but I now know that I possess all the skills and tools to get where I am headed.

These photos have absolutely nothing to do with this posting, but isn't that the sweetest face ever? Melts my heart.


  1. What a sweet puppy!

    I think it's really healthy that you aren't stressing about your running right now. Yes, there will be a time during your training that you can stress -- but Week 1 is not it! You still logged more money than the majority of people I know - not it it means much :) On to week 2!

  2. Your dog is sooooo stinkin' cute!

    You have a really fantastic attitude about your training. I hope the weather cooperates more for you during week 2!

  3. Oh's a love hate relationship with my muscles when that happens! It's just week 1...I don't think you have anything to worry about! Start your second week nice and fresh. Your dog is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  4. so smart to adjust the mileage, and even smarter to NOT stress about it. in that heat, the extra mileage may have done more harm than good. I'm slowly getting better about making adjustments to my plan, as needed.

    what a cutie pie

  5. Love your pup! what a sweetie :)

    Its still early in training- no sense in over doing it now- especially with the weather we've been having. It is definitely best to listen to your body and adjust the mileage when necessary.

    Hope week 2 is even better!

  6. Chicago woop woop!!! I am SO excited to be training again. It was tough at the beginning of the week getting in the groove but after my long run saturday I just feel motivated now! I don't know how you do it with the weather...I thought 80 was hot here Saturday! I'm used to training during winter months so this is all new. Good job not putting extra pressure on yourself, you KNOW you can do it and skimping a few miles here and there isn't going to hurt! Have a great week training, I'll be checking back in :)