Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week 2 Recap, Reflections, and Goals

This has been a crazy week for me.

Monday. Bright and early start where I accomplished more before 1 pm then I usually do in a week. 3 hours being Betty Crocker in my kitchen baking goodies for my Bible Study that I wasn't going to be able to attend. 1 hour lifting session at the gym with upper and lower body lifts. 9.2 easy miles on the lakefront path where I saw a coworker which was awkward because I was super sweaty and extra shiny from all the sunblock I caked on, oh and I wasn't wearing a shirt. That was nice. A few walks with the dogs, a half ass shower, and lunch being eaten on the go all totaling up to one busy morning followed by 8 hours of working for the man.

Tuesday. 9.41 easy miles where I AGAIN saw a coworker in all of my sweaty topless glory. This wouldn't have been so bad if she didn't mention this to my boss with comments following about her jigglage and mine.

Wednesday. 8.9 total miles with 5x1600's with the craziest splits ever. This workout was a toughie and I hated every minute of it because my muscles just weren't having it. BUT I appreciated it, and I am glad that it was tough. Reminders that goals wouldn't be as special if they were easily attainable is something we all need to experience every now and then to make progress.

Thursday. 9.08 easy recovery miles. Spent the morning with an old friend and we reminisced a bit about old Cross Country and Track memories from High School and what our futures may be leading us to.

Friday. Planned on doing my long run here. Woke up at 6 am, had a light breakfast, headed out to the gym for a full body lifting session, then hit the lakefront path at about 8:15 when temps and humidity were already a bit unfriendly. After mile 1 I decided that it wasn't worth risking death on this day and modified my workout to an easy 9.03 miles.

Saturday. Had plans to meet my family at the zoo at 9:30 am with intentions to get up slightly before 5 am and squeeze in my 18 miler...HA! I even thought if I slept with the blinds and curtains open that it would be easier for me to rise with the sun, but I instead after resetting the alarm several times decided to postpone yet another day so that I could make the most of the few hours I had with my family before I had to go to work.

Sunday. 17.63 miles. Longest run for me so far this year. I planned on heading out extra slow, which turned out to be my best idea all week, and pace according to feel. At mile 9 I stopped for the first time for water and my first EVER gu experience. Honestly never had this stuff before because the idea of it grosses me out, I mean it is basically chemicals that are produced in a factory that have no close relation to any type of food. Thought that my body would hate it, but instead my body LOVED IT! The last 8.63 miles felt great, and I felt completely energized and stronger then the first half of the run.

Moving ahead to the coming weeks there are a few short-term goals that I want and NEED to focus on:

Attire. After two embarrassing encounters where I was topless (had a sports bra on, my breasts are small but not small enough to be completely topless) while running into coworkers maybe I should begin to consider bringing a top along with me on my runs. While these two run-ins weren't as bad as the time I saw my director while I was walking on the lakefront path with a girlfriend in a bathing suit where he felt the need to stop and chat making some really weird comments that I would just like to forget but never will be able to, still slightly uncomfortable for me. Why do I feel okay with strangers seeing me almost naked and not okay with coworkers in this position?

Fueling. I really need to explore my options here with a plan for my long runs. I've never had a fueling plan for marathons and I know this has contributed to my "hitting the wall" after about 15. Now that I know my body won't completely reject gu I'm excited to continue to experiment with this.

Stretching. For some reason in the past few weeks I have omitted the stretching portion of my routine. I think it is time to bring it back.

Post Run Recovery. ICE ICE ICE!!! Just because my joints aren't in pain doesn't mean they don't need a little extra love.

Sunblock. I am a freak about this and always put it on. I use Coppertone Sport SPF 30 Ultra Sweatproof block for my body and Neutrogena SPF 70 Sport Face for my face. These are great, but the Coppertone is greasy and I would like to not look so shiny.

Commitments. There have been a few important commitments that I have neglected recently and need to refocus.


  1. I found my love / requirement of Gu many years ago. Also hydration, every 20 minutes for me in the summer (most of the time). Keeps me running strong through the summer months. (well as strong as possible in this insane record heat)

    Looks like a great week of training.

  2. You've had such a great week of mileage, I'm so impressed! I hardly ever run in a sports bra if there are other people around...only on trails. Otherwise it's just too awkward!

  3. Wow! Awesome week of running for you. Glad the GU worked out. Chocolate mint is my FAVE. Yum!

  4. Screw the top! You got the body, show it off!

    They are probably just jealous and therefore coming up with awkward conversation.

  5. feelin' good on the second half of a long run is such a good feeling!

    i totally don't run in just a sports bra, but i'm still self-conscious when i run into people i know when i'm a sweaty runner mess, so i can only imagine how it would feel to run into coworkers sans shirt. for some reason, knowing people does make a difference in how you feel in attire, haha

  6. Um if I were you and had that bod I would run naked. Just saying.

    Love this: "Reminders that goals wouldn't be as special if they were easily attainable is something we all need to experience every now and then to make progress." You hit it dead on. You always do!

  7. Try SCAPE for sunblock! Nice week! The zoo looks fun:)

  8. Happy that Gu is workin for you. That was an awesome long run you had!!

    I need to remember sunblock more often. The other day I even forgot body glide...THAT will NEVER happen again. haha.

  9. I was going to say the same thing as Jill, so I will second it -- try SCAPE sunblock. I also will not go out the door for a run without sunblock, and this is the first one that I really have no "complaints" about. I have their whole line so I goop up pre-run including the lip balm, and then if it is a really long run I will sometimes even carry the tiny "stick form" one and reapply to areas of my face especially prone to burning. It is great stuff!

  10. I am a sun screen freak too. Even in the winter... I lather up. No sun cancer for me:) Your mileage is so impressive - Awesome week!!

  11. You are insane with those sprints - awesome job, even if you aren't there yet to finding your speed!

    As for gels -- Have you tried Honey Stingers? I like them a lot better than Gu - they are all natural/organic and feel much better on my stomach. They do have a little hint of honey to them.

    I need to stretch more too. I've been completely forgetting about it after my long runs because I have to get into my car and drive home. It really needs to be more of a priority!

  12. I'm just so impressed how you can squeeze in all your mileage during the week in the HUMID Chi-town conditions! SO FREAKING AWESOME BRITT!!

  13. You are super woman! Sounds like your training is going well so far. You must adapt so quick to this weather- inthis high humidity I feel like I'm gasping for air more than usual- even on a slow 5k.

    I hate Gu. The Consistency of it makes it difficult for me to get down. I'm currently favoring chomps and cliff bloks. You might also want to look into salt sticks. They are capsules that replicate the exact stuff you sweat out. I find them to be very useful on longer runs and also when it's hot.

    (it's too bad you have to work tonight! I promise to take photos of whatever event i end up at tonight. I just hope the weather holds up)