Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2011 Goal Check

It's mid-July and now I am realizing that I never gave myself a mid-year goal check. Where has time gone?

When 2011 begun, I had plenty of expectations for myself. I decided that I needed to put my goals in writing in order to commit to them, stay focused, and be able to asses myself along the way. By adding some of my goals for 2011 here, I have been able to hold myself accountable for the desires of my heart this year. Goals are funny things, we set them with the best of intentions not knowing what the path ahead holds or where it is leading and make attempts to pursue these dreams throughout the constant uncertainty of life. While we cannot predict the future, we all still set mini "check points" along our lives path so that we can asses ourselves.

In my life I have always set goals for myself, but it wasn't until this calender year that I decided to be so outspoken and upfront about the progress I want to make. Secret goals were very prominent in my life. I didn't want people to know when I failed or came up short because I felt like this would be reflective of my character, I didn't want to be that girl that never accomplished anything. But I made myself that girl anyways. Keeping all of my dreams bottled up and secret prevented them from fully flourishing and developing into the things that I wanted them to be. So for 2011 I decided that if I wanted to truly challenge myself that I had to be completely honest and upfront with the desires of my heart.

My 2011 goals are as follows:
  • Marathon: 3:10
  • Half Marathon: 1:27
  • 10 Mile: 1:08
  • 8k: 32:30
  • 5k: 19:00
Where I am in relation to these goals:
  • Marathon: We shall see come October
  • Half Marathon: I ran a half back in mid-May in extremely challenging conditions. Race morning I thought that I was going to possibly finish in 1:29 but ended up crossing the line in 1:32:59 as the 2nd place female. For the conditions of this day I did the best I could, and if there is one thing I have learned in my life it is that we do not have control of the weather. Maybe on a different day I could have ran a 1:29, but on this day I didn't but I am still proud of my finish. This race was difficult with some terribly brutal winds that knocked me on my a$$. I will get my 2nd go at this distance in September and I am confident that I will break 1:30 by a decent amount.
  • 10 Mile: Memorial Day weekend I raced the Soldier Field 10 mile where I finished in 1:07:48. Over 12,000 people finished this race, where almost 7,000 of those were women, and I just barely missed the top 25 women. This was kind of a break through race for me in my mind. I felt strong and confident, and felt for the first time this year that the I am making great progress with my fitness.

  • 8k: Goal was 32:30, in April at the Shamrock Shuffle I crossed the line in 32:38. At the time I thought that I may have had set my goal a bit too aggressive, but came close anyhow. I learned a lot about pacing from this race, mainly that it is best to go out at your own speed and not with the masses. Mile 1 here was nearly 6 minutes, which was way too fast for me and my legs never did quite recover. But this was the very first time this year that I realized my legs do have some speed.

  • 5k: 19 flat goal, last Thursday I ran a 19:26. Maybe if I was training for 5k's I could hit 19, but I'm not and I don't. This is a very aggressive goal for me, and maybe I'll hit it next year. But even so I feel really good about my 19:26. My splits were straight all around here and I felt relatively relaxed and confident. One thing I did learn here is that if I do want that 19 minute time, I will have to pick a race that has a better course where dodging people who are running a separate distance race at a slower pace then myself are not ahead of me.

Personal Goals:
  • I will receive my personal training certification from the ACSM by the end of April 2011
  • In the fall I will enroll into a 200 hour yoga teacher training
  • My dream of building a business based on sharing my gifts and knowledge of running and wellness with others will become a reality
  • Continue to make my best attempts to maintain balance in my life and live by the standards of what the healthiest options for MYSELF are

  • Be a better wife, sister, daughter, friend, Christian, and confidant to all of the people in my life
Where I am in relation to these goals now:

  • I have had my ACSM personal training certification for over a month now, still haven't done anything with it but I'm making a bit of progress.
  • Working on developing my own business right now as well, and that is a very very slow process. This is more difficult then I thought. I still need to keep job A so that I have an income while trying to develop job B, while training for a marathon. This is exhausting and moving slower then I wanted but all great things in life come from baby steps.
  • Still hoping to find a yoga certification program to enroll in before the end of the year that correlates with my schedule, haven't yet thrown this out the window.
  • Working everyday on being a better me, but this is a life long process that doesn't ever have an ending point.

  • Balance and I haven't exactly been the best of friends this year. We are slowly becoming more and more comfortable with one another, but just like any relationship there are fights. We will one day find one another at the right time and create harmony.

Who knows what the remainder of 2011 holds for me, but I am insanely optimistic about the future. Things are never easy or simple for me, but I am a blessed woman and appreciative for all the wonderful blessings that I have.


  1. sounds like it's been a pretty stellar first half of the year to me! excited to see how you do with the marathon goal.

  2. It seems like you have done a good job of making progress on your goals during the first half of this year. I am excited to see what you do in your next half!

  3. there is no way that 2011 could be any less than awesome for you. this post was are blessed.

  4. You are so fit, it's just plain ridiculous! I think you should be on the cover of Runner's World. Should I write them a letter and let them know they are missing out on the next big thing?!?

  5. You are kickin butt!! Keep it up!!

  6. all i can say is whoa! you are only have way through the year and have rocked most of your goals! be proud! if i didn't hate road trips, i'd totally drive to chicago so you could be my trainer!

  7. no doubt you will meet your goals. You are obviously driven.

    No doubt if you were training for a 5k you would blow the goal away. I'm amazed you ran that time in the heat. I LOVE to train in the summer, but my racing is always very sad. The heat & humidity kill me. You are super strong.

    congrats for going after and achieving goals. It's gonna be a super fall, I feel it!

  8. Love the checking on goals. I am so proud of you for putting your goals out there...I'm similar in the way that I don't like to put things out there, in fear of failing......which is ridiculous!

    You never cease to amaze me with how fast you are and how motivated you are.

    Love your ability to self-reflect.