Monday, July 18, 2011

Mind Fart

You know when you've officially lost your mind?
I do and I think I did.
Yesterday I posted "Week 7 Recap",
but week 7 hasn't happened yet,
it was week 6 last week,
now I'm in week 7.
Whoops, I'm crazy and can't keep track of time apparently.

Today I woke up and was starving,
so I ate breakfast and chose to go running after 9 am,
that was a bad idea.
I didn't get in my 12 mile fartlek,
I barely got in 9 miles and I had to jump into the lake to stop from overheating.
It was almost a suicide run,
my skin actually felt like it was boiling at one point.
Not the most ideal conditions for speed work.

Tomorrow I'm going to hit up the doggie beach
with these guys to try to keep cool.

We're the three best friends that anyone can have.

P.S. You followers rock.
Thanks for being a great support system,
I appreciate all of you.
You all are amazing.
Stuff like this...
warms my heart and makes me feel super special.
So thank you for continuing to stop here,
even when I post about random crazy stuff like
my dogs or messy house.


  1. Yay for the dog beach!!! Good idea to stop running in this heat and jump in the lake!!! I'm sure your body appreciated it!

  2. Nothing like spending time w/ our 4-legged best friends to bring us back to what matters. Hey, even if you are crazed, you're still getting it done!

  3. Your dogs are SO cute! Sometimes you have to cut runs short so you don't DIE. You still got some good miles in so I wouldn't worry :)

  4. Oh my Lord! That heat is intense! Be careful. Now I am going to worry about you fainting. I can't even believe you got 9 miles in. You truly are amazing!!

  5. I can't imagine heat like this! I am in a zip up fleece jacket with the door open and listening to rain and feeling a cool breeze. brrrr. Crazy how weather is so different in the midwest!!

  6. That weather is just too hot for a run! I started my long run at 8am on Sunday---and ended up calling it quits after 7 miles. 80 degrees and 95% humidity in the morning, ugh!

  7. It's humid and hot where I am too (Houston!). Makes it hard for me to run so I have to go at 5 AM, ughh. I wish I had a lake to jump in. Your dog is adorable!

  8. mind fart. hahahaha.

    melting skin is no bueno :(

    p.s. - love the hangover reference :)

  9. I woke up late today and laid around in bed for a couple hours before getting up to run. Big mistake here too! It was 92 degrees and I ran 8.5 miles and I felt missserable the whole time.

    I have to head out right after waking up if there's any hope for a quality run.

    I love reading your blog, it doesn't matter what you talk about, it's always super interesting to me (and I certainly can't say that about all blogs in this world!)

  10. Your pups are so cute!!! You really are an awesome runner!! Have fun at the beach today!! I will be on that beautiful lake starting next Saturday and I cannot wait!!!!!

  11. So.SO.SO. HOT and HUMID!! I suffered through my 18 mile sweatfest this weekend but no way I could tough out speed today. Ended up on the AC treadmill which I also HATE but at least didn't leave me foaming at the mouth in a ditch somewhere. ISH-this midwest heat disaster is ridiculous. (I like to whine)

    Cute pooches. Stay cool! Great work toughing this out. Isn't that marathon in like 45-50 degrees gonna feel SO nice:) Hoping for this for you!

  12. ugh...YUCK. I could not run in heat like that. and you know what ? you DO kick A$$! I was just thinking about you today on my measely 4 mile run thinking.."gee...if I work hard enough, maybe I can run like Britt" lol...
    love ya girl! xx