Saturday, July 23, 2011

Monkeying Around

Woke up at 6:30 today to get in a 16 miler. Didn't happen.

The Chicago lakefront path can get rather busy in the summer with bikers, runners, tourists, training groups, and small children and dogs wondering all over the place. For some crazy reason, they all like to come out to this beautiful path on Saturday mornings in large crowds...maybe it's Fleet Feet's overly sweetened free Gatorade that attracts them all. This causes people to become extra aggressive for their personal space. After being intentionally ran into by a woman who didn't want to let me pass after she called me a few less then ladylike names I decided to shut the run down. I'll just have to get up tomorrow morning at the ugly hour of 5 am to get in my long run in a somewhat peaceful setting on that path.

So I did what any savvy runner would do with 45 spare minutes in the morning...I made monkey bread. Yes that good ole American staple that offers no nutritional value but will fulfill your sugar, fat, and calorie intake with two bites of the stuff.

Why do they call it monkey bread? Is it because you pick off the pieces and shove it into your mouth like a monkey? I could eat this entire thing in 5 minutes.

On another note, I feel like a bad puppy momma today. One of my pups thought that I was opening the sliding glass door this morning when I wasn't and walked into it full force and knocked his little head. He made a little squeal noise and has been moping around the house ever since, I think he now has a headache. Poor guy with a pea sized brain.


  1. Aw poor puppy! I've never tried monkey bread but it looks so good! I love monkeys ha. Maybe when I come to the US I can find it somewhere? I assume they sell it in stores or maybe I'll just come over and steal some of yours!

  2. Your poor puppy! That monkey bread looks awesome---I have never even heard of it before now, but I looked up a recipe and it sounds delicious.

  3. Poor pup! Hope he is better soon!

    The monkey bread looks soo delicious!!

    I didn't go for my 15 miler today and did yoga instead. Tomorrow I'm hoping for a good run. Good luck on your run tomorrow!

  4. Ok, I realize this sounds strange, but my husband told me he saw you running this morning on the path. He got his run in early and right when he got home he said "You know that blog you read that had the before and after a run pictures? Yeah, well I saw her running on the path and she is fast!" Sorry your run didn't go as planned- the path does get super crowded and it is annoying. At least you got monkey bread- so good!

  5. awwwww poor puppy!!! but secretly that is the cutest thing everrrrr!!!!

  6. Monkey Bread is a HUGE tradition in our house. We have it EVERY Christmas morning (I did as a kid too), and my kids love it so much that they asked if I'd start making it on T'giving morning too. As if you need more food on that day!! Your picture made me long for the holidays...

    I always think it's too bad when people get so rude in a sport that can be so fun if you enjoy the camaraderie. Hope 5am is a more friendly hour for your fun tomorrow!

  7. Bahh poor puppy!
    Monkey bread= a favorite childhood snack! I would eat one of those loaves in under 2 days... :)

  8. poor puppy, my cat used to do a similar thing with mirrors thinking she was going to fight the "other" cat and would run full tilt into the mirror after it. Silly thing.

    I've never heard of monkey I totally need to look into it!

  9. That money bread looks delicious...I think I would have to eat the whole thing in one sitting, which is why I have to avoid making such delicious treats-- no self restrain!

    I hope your long run went better this morning than yesterday! Hate it when people are aggressive and annoying/insulting when running, ruins my day.

  10. Our times really are very close!!! Did you get up today to do the long run? I got up at 5 and did 14...there was no other way it was going to happen!! Have a great rest of the weekend!

  11. There are times when I really miss living in a city, but I have to admit that when I go for a run is not usually one of those times. I rarely have to put up with rude people or much foot or car traffic.

    That monkey bread looks super yummy!

  12. Those pics make me hungry.....for real....poor puppy pup! I hate when my pup hurts herself....

    Get Up & Go

  13. Any plans to run with your pups when they are grown up? Some dogs are made for running.

  14. Poor little puppy!

    What is up with that woman on the path? Ugh. I have not run much on the path on the weekends (only the weekdays around the Loop/Navy Pier area) but a few times I have tried just to cross it to get to North Ave Beach (when I used to play volleyball there) and even that was a nightmare.

    I have never had Monkey Bread but it looks so delish!