Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh Summer Weather

Today's planned workout was a 12 miler with 2x 5/4/3/2/1 fartleks.

Weather persons last night were predicting some thunderstorms in the am hours, but when don't they these days??? It seems that almost every day there are predicted storms and only 10% of the time those storms actualize. So this meant nothing to me this morning. Pssh, what do those weather people know anyhow? I mean can we really predict the future?

I got up at 6 to hit the gym for a full body lifting session. The sun was trying to shine, but there was a lot of moisture in the air so it was terribly hazy. No big deal.

Finished my lifting session at about 8 and headed home where it begun to look a bit overcast. Still not worried. Then I saw this in my rearview mirror, no not the $4.29 for the gallon of gas because that is pretty standard here, the darn street lights are on at 8:15 on a summer morning.

Still convinced that this was the perfect timing to get my workout in, even though it begun to rain cats and dogs horizontally, I went in to check the weather.

Okay so maybe this isn't the best weather to be running alongside a large body of water in, so now I'm waiting it out convinced that this storm will pass and I can get in my workout. Fingers crossed.

Do you ever run in lightening?
Yes and yes. Shh, don't tell my hubby.


  1. I remember reading several years ago about someone who was outside in a thunderstorm with his iPod and got struck by lightning. So I think that I still would run if it was lightning (slightly), but I'd definitely leave the iPod at home!! :)

  2. Last week there was some lightening off in the distance on my 5 am run. Ooops. What can you do?

    It's usually not too much of a factor though, seeing as how we get 3 inches of rain here ANNUALLY. (No, that's not a type-o).

  3. i am such a wimp about running outside if it is storming, raining, too hot, too cold, too humid, etc. yay for having a treadmill and lots of movies/tv to distract me!

  4. I really don't like running in lightning! Maybe some rain is ok, but no storms!

  5. Yikes! I don't miss that crazy weather. Well, actually I do miss thunderstorms. At night. In bed. AFTER my workout. :)

    So did you get in your 12 miler?
    I am assuming you didn't.

    We did our 14 miler along the ocean yesterday and I am BURNED. You would think I'd learn my lesson! I look like a tomato.

  6. I was surprised they were right about the weather too. When I checked last night it said 30% chance! I brought my umbrella but didn't think I would need it (I didn't - I made it in before the storm).

    My 20-miler last fall was in the lightening! BAD!

  7. I hear ya, everyday there is a chance of thunderstorms, so yeah I run in them too, but only if they look kinda far away, don't tell my husband either :)

  8. Gosh that storm was bad this morning! I made it into work just in time to witness the sun go down and the street lights come on- followed by crazy rain, lightning and wind. Lightning scares me. Id never run in it. I remember being on the field for marching band rehearsal (when a thunderstorm was approaching) and all of the hair on our arms and heads were standing up= we had to run inside quick because we might have been the next spot to be zapped.

  9. yuck.. i hate when weather messes up running plans! i wish i was scared to run in bad weather LOL, in general i should fear weather way more!

  10. Lol…I would contend that running in lightning makes you run faster no?

  11. I'm spoiled with the treadmill... if it's raining I do NOT run outside. ;)

  12. What a waste of electricity!

    I don't love running in the rain, I'm afraid of ruining my shoes. So I always wear an old pair.