Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Real Week 7 Recap

Goal Miles 71
Actual Miles 71

Last week I got a little crazy and did week 7 recap when it was really week this is now the REAL WEEK 7 recap

9.49 miles easy at 7:47 pace

12.01 miles easy at 7:35 pace

It was just too dang hot this day, couldn't bring myself to brave the heat wave.

10 miles on the mill
I hate the treadmill, it bores me to death. But if I had to choose a lifetime without running or a lifetime with runs only I the treadmill, I would take the machine of death...but only if my life depended on it.
Miss my tribute to the good ole machine? You can catch it here.

12.05 easy miles at 7:44 pace
Wanted to get in my long run for the week here, but didn't. Making attempts to fight the heat wave here in Chicago has left my legs feeling exhausted.

11.16 easy miles
Again thought that I could get in my long run here, but didn't.
Apparently some of you have never heard of monkey bread, and I'm speechless. If you've yet to try this little gift from heaven you can catch the recipe here from Pillsbury's website. My only suggestion is to hold the raisins, and cook for 45 minutes.

5 am alarm goes off, I roll over and go back to bed until 7:15. Get ready to head out the door for my 16 miler and it starts lightening. Boo. So I decided to instead fuel up on monkey bread and fruit until the storm calmed. When I headed out it was still raining and lightly lightening, and the temp was perfect. Legs took about 5 miles to shake out. Decided to run progressively, started at 8 pace then worked my way down from there. Last 8 miles were MP or faster, with 4 of those mile sub 7.

I think that the mocha flavored Clif Gu should be illegal, for me it is like speed. My body loves it, and I don't know why.

Week 8 Goals

56 miles. This week is a mileage cutback week, which is well deserved.

Speed. Speed. Speed. I couldn't bring myself to do it this week. With the weather being what it was, I opted for all easy runs because I knew that speed sessions would just be crap runs for me. With high heat and humidity the core temp of the body is raised and blood volume is effected decreased, meaning that the body is working extra hard to cool itself with less available fuels. One week of modified workouts isn't going to kill me, but pressing the body beyond its limits may.

Stretching. Back in the beginning of July I noted that I need to pay more attention to my stretching routine, well I haven't been paying tribute to that very well. The legs are feelin it this week. Stretching+foam rolling=a happy lady, just need to keep reminding myself of this.

If you do not own the trigger point foam roller,
you must be living under a rock,
you need to get into the 21st century and hook yourself up with one,
your muscles will thank you.

Positivity. Nothing is permanent, times of trial will pass and life will go on.


  1. good mileage! I have the same sentiments about treadmills.

    Oh, and people who haven't had monkey bread aren't living...same with muddy buddy mix. That stuff is like crack.

  2. I am so glad to have come across your blog! I am a Chicago runner as well, although nowhere near as fast and awesome as you! Looking forward to reading along!

  3. Hey, can you do a post about how you use your foam roller? I do have one of them (just like yours but black), but I'll be honest. I sort of feel like a bumbling idiot with it. Do you have a foam roller routine that you do or anything like that? How long do you use it each session?

    Great job on all those miles!

  4. Britt, you are so on track to run a sub 3:10!! I ran a 3:08 in May, and I was NOT training that fast. First of all, I NEVER ran a sub-7:00 mile while training (until recently, after realizing --due to races -- that I could). Second, I was only running mid 7-minute miles during my runs once or twice a week, with the rest easy. It sounds like 7:30-ish is your comfortable pace. You are on your way to some huge PR's!

    I'm excited to keep reading. I'm also a 27 year old who started out with track in 7th grade (although it was soccer that truly made me love running). Oh, and you're a model, right? that bod is ridiculous

  5. WOW! You;ve had one helluva week! Smart move on the scratch of the speedwork outdoors, It was too hot outside this week. I stayed indoors on your BFF the treadmill all week :)

  6. i feel guilty whenever people talk about foam rolling.. i never do it! your roller is way cooler than my cheapo one tho...

    great job tackling most of the miles in the heat. it's so much harder right now!

  7. holy crap that is an AMAZING week Britt!!! you are going to KILL this marathon!! even before my EASY pace was about 8-8:20 so you are way ahead of me and you are going to do amazing!! can't wait to see how the next few weeks/months unfold! you inspire me!!!

  8. Wonderful week! Amazing mileage and nice work on the paces!!

  9. What a great week -- and I love the positive outlook :) I often ask myself -- will this be important in 5 years. If no, I let it go!

    On to week 8!

  10. Your mileage is AMAZING!!! Seriously lady, you rock! Hey, how do you like that Garmin? I've been wanting to replace mine and that one is the prettiest but I'm not sure how it is functionally?

  11. great week, girl!! hope this one is just as awesome.

  12. Holy Smokes girl! Look at your easy pace! In HEAT. Sub 7's on a 16 miler. Great mileage! I'm seriously impressed. Show me your ways!! Really though, I love seeing your training! Very motivating.

    OK-I'm online right now trying to get hooked up with the 21st century. I am a fail these days with the rolling stretching routine and need to start taking this seriously again.

  13. Um I have to try that monkey bread. Perfect for fuelling hahaha.

    I wish I was as diligent with my training as you! You are superwoman!

    I would have to agree with you on the mocha...I could easily eat it as a snack. For absolutely no reason.

  14. Okay we are not twins...I could NEVER do 71 miles in a week. Even though I would love to. I thrive on lower mileage and higher intensity...NICE JOB LADY!

  15. What is with all the crazy weather around here lately? The heat, then the storms... ugh. At least it is cooling down.

    Is that one of the Garmin watches you have? Or something else? Does it use a foot pod or satellites? Just curious :)