Thursday, July 28, 2011

Totally Random Thursday

Today is one of those days where my mind seems to continue to veer off on the strangest tangents and it is extremely difficult for me to keep a constant thought.

  • I'm tired. My hubby thinks that it is because I ran my highest mileage week so far this year last week at 71 miles, and at first I thought that he was right. But then I got to thinking, and July has been an absurdly busy month in my household. Work has had me on the craziest schedule that has majorly interfered with my sleeping patterns with strange days off and long stretches between off days, like this nine day stretch I'm in right now. We had family in town, I've been working on some large projects, and dang it it is summer. Now I think that it's because I have been doing a lot of go, go, go with my free time and trying to enjoy the nice weather.
  • Think I'm coming down with something. Probably because some of the above mentioned reasons. My throat is scratchy and my head is pounding more so then it usually does.
  • I am sweating way too much. Okay this sounds silly, but I think it's true. Today was mid 70's and really cloudy on my run, quite perfect temps to run actually. But when I got home, I looked like I had just jumped into the lake...and I hadn't.

Please tell me that this is how sweaty your legs get after an easy 8 in cool temps.
  • My legs feel like garbage today. Probably because of the tiredness and the germs that are festering inside me right now. I actually was hoping that my garmin would die so that I wouldn't pressure myself to hit a certain pace today, but I wasn't that lucky.
  • Blog comments make me laugh sometimes. This one was pretty good:

Let me explain because I think that I may have some folks confused.
My dogs are 4 1/2 years old, but I call them pups.
They are a mix between doxies and westies,
their bodies are long and their legs are short.
I call them pups because they act like tiny little men,
but resemble puppies.
They do not run,
I cannot even get them to walk a quarter of a mile in less then 30 minutes,
they doddle and linger.
They think they are too good for most things that normal dogs do,
like play fetch, sleep on the floor, or eat dog food.
Pretty much they are little babies stuck in puppy sized bodies.

They were pretty cute puppies.

I love them dearly,
but we will never have running adventures together.
They would much rather lay in bed under the covers napping.
One day I'll share their story
and how they came into our lives,
it's a tear jerker.

Thank you Steady Pursuit, you unknowingly made me giggle.
The thought of me trying to get these fur balls to run is rather amusing in my head.
  • I really want these shoes. They have been calling my name for months. I think that I would really rock them.
My husband thinks that $155 for a pair of shoes that I will wear for
speed work and races is too much to spend.
Apparently he thinks that it is more important that we buy groceries
or save for a house.
This is why I am not in charge of our finances,
because if I was I would own 10 pairs of these shoes.

  • Back to being tired, I feel like I'm sleep walking. This morning while I was driving to and from the gym, while waiting at stop lights I would rest my eyes for a moment. Probably shouldn't be admitting that, but I know that you all have done it before. Truthfully I feel like I'm asleep with my eyes open right now.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink Newtons, too!! I want them SO badly....but I'm waiting, don't want to spend $155! :)

  2. i have been sweating ridiculously lately! i think it's a. the humidity and b. maybe that time of the month. I mean with Miami weather you always sweat, but it has felt a little over the top

    i am going with the pink sauncony's as my next pair

  3. lol...your legs feel like garbage huh? Any excuse to post a picture of your hot sweaty legs. You're not fooling me. I do it all the time.

    Also, get the newtons. I copped my newtons last year and I took off like a torpedo (you know those torpedoes with hot sweaty legs? Yeah those ones). won't just wear them for speed work and race day. You'll want to log some long runs in'em so your calves know what's up. Anyway...they're great and the pink ones are fresh. Groceries and houses are way me.

  4. ok, those shoes are DOPE! surely the husband understands that you neeeed them :)

  5. Just tell him you need the shoes to get faster so that you can be an elite and get paid to run :) (by the way I LOVE those shoes!)

    I tend to sweat more on the treadmill. But maybe your body is just releasing toxins and that's why you are sweating so much?

    I LOVE your pups! I call my 3 dogs pups too (but they are not puppies) My chihuahua sounds just like your dogs. He is a baby stuck in a dogs body (has nothing to do with me treating him like a baby of course :)

  6. Your "pups" (haha) are super cute. I would love to live in their lives for just a day. I took a picture of my pets today sleeping. Makes me feel like napping is underrated.

    Get Up & Go

  7. How did you luck out with temps only in the low 70s for a run!? LUCKY!!! Sorry you're not really well, rest up and feel better!! LOVE the picture of the pup! Adorable!

  8. I am glad I could make you laugh - even though it was unintentional. I ask because I train with my 5 year old Labrador Bloodhound every chance I get. Thanks for elaborating on your pups.

    If you have not already, check out Newton's website, specifically the run better tab.

    The shoes are made to encourage a forefoot strike and serve as a transition shoe from a heel strike to a forefoot strike.

    Maybe if you contacted Newton and told them you would review their shoe on your blog you can get a pair free? And a pair to give away? This is a quality blog with an audience, you deserve free shoes.

    Be careful not to over train. Do you keep an eye on your resting heart rate? It is tempting to stick to a plan and get miles in when more good may come of skipping 2-3 days without plans to make them up. Perhaps sleep instead of run?

  9. looove the sneaks! people don't get it sometimes though. i just bought two new pairs and everyone said "why?" - i said because one is asics and the other brooks and i'm training for a marathon of course! :)

  10. I never sent you my sweaty pics! I took them, but they did not show really how sweaty I was. But yes, it has been so humid I look the same way. Seriously, at mile 8 today of my long run, my girlfriend and I took off our shirts and rung them out! Then ran in our bras only.

    I would feel tired too. Visitors and being busy totally wears me out. I hope you get a chance to chill soon!

  11. I bet it was still humid during your easy 8??? Plus, maybe you had lotion on?? enuf of lake legs, you ran 71 miles in a week!!! Holy mother! Well done!

    Your pups are adorable and I look forward to their story!

  12. Those are some seriously sweaty legs! I can't even imagine running 71 miles in a week...well okay I can but right now the most I have done is 38, so that is a lot of running. hope you feel better. i have been unusually tired lately so I am going to try to bump up the iron and see if that helps any.

    Love those dogs, so cute!

  13. Don't have timeto write right now but miss u and read the whole post: hot legs, cute puppies fir sure and wish I could buy u those shoes!!!xxx

  14. I am with everyone who said humidity. I live in the Chicago area as well, and even on the mornings that originally felt like "good running weather" as soon as I got out there I was sweating like mad. After returning home and checking my weather app it would be like 74 with 94 percent humidity. UGH.