Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week 5 Recap

Goal miles this week: 67
Actual miles this week: 65.5

Monday: 11.06 easy where the legs felt excessively heavy

Tuesday: 9.61 where the legs still were feeling a bit icky

Wednesday: 11.28 miles with my ipod. I hadn't ran with my ipod in 4 years and I think that I'm going to starting doing this again every so often. This is the day that I realized I was being a bit fat do-do head by stressing myself out a bit too much.

Thursday: 9.07 miles with 5x1600's. 6:19, 6:16, 6:15, 6:11, 6:17. These weren't easy, but I felt strong.

Friday: 9.64 easy recovery miles

Saturday: 14.84 miles. I planned to do 16 here, but had to modify. The day was extremely busy leaving the only time to run at 3 pm. All I can say is icky. It was so hot and humid I would have been able to cut the air with a knife. Oh and I also got bit by a dog in the calf somewhere around mile 5.

Goals for WEEK 6

Wake up early. This week my schedule was flipped and I ended up having to run in the evenings and work in the mornings and I hated it. It is so much harder to get in a quality workout after work. For week 6 I need to get up as early as possible to get in quality miles before the heat and humidity kill me.

Run a 5k. Thursday I am doing a 5k. I don't often race this distance and maybe only do one 5k a year. Goal is to break 20 minutes, but there will be no resting lead up and this race is more so being considered a short tempo for me. Just want to have fun.

3 lifting sessions at the gym.

69 miles. I am hoping to get in a 20 miler and maybe some type of incline training. There are no hills in Chicago, and "inclines" here are kind of a joke so I'm not sure how I'm going to go about this yet.

Bust out my baking skilz. Big surprise family event this weekend were I am on pastry duty.


  1. Awesome week!
    I have been trying to work out before work too. It's just to hot in the evenings and I lose motivation. But it's also hard to wake up early :/

  2. I always workout with music/my ipod

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  3. Okay, I am feeling excessively slow in this humidity. I had no comparison last year as I was training for my first marathon. I know this will make me tougher, right?! (you're nodding, yes?)

    Another outstanding week Britt! And, feeling under the weather?! WOW!

    Good luck breaking 20 mins. I know you can girl!!

  4. Good job on the high mileage! You have some amazing goals for yourself.
    I actually like to run at night, sometimes I feel better rather than running first thing in the morning. I struggle with getting up in the morning.

  5. That is an incredible week of mileage. Wow!
    I know what you mean about that humidity though--it really makes running so much harder!

  6. You are amazing!!!! I am exhausted just reading this..and what the crap about the dog BITING you???!!! uuhh...did I miss a post on that? lol

  7. You. Inspire. Me! To get off my lazy ass and run again after a week off. :) I've never run over 65 miles in one week.

  8. You are a machine! How on earth do you get all those miles in? You have one strong, forgiving body! You are officially my inspiration (although I've probably said that before).

  9. Ouch! Are you okay from your dog bite? Once when my husband and I were running a dog bit through his pants and ripped them... and the owner didn't even apologize. I was surprised.

    There are actually some somewhat hilly routes where I live in Lake County, if you are ever out there. :)

    Good luck at your 5K!

  10. Wow, great runs...

    And I totally hear you on the early morning runs. That makes such a difference. Less humid, the rest of the day is more like heaven, you have it over with, the list could go on and on.