Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week 8 Recap

Goal miles 56
Actual miles 46

So this week didn't really go as originally planned. Mileage wise I intended on taking it easy, but planned for some harder intensity workouts. Most of those workouts didn't happen, all for various reasons. Quite honestly I realized this week that I am overextending myself a bit, and that sometimes you've just got to let a workout go.

8.21 easy miles
Saw a guy pulling his lab in one of those baby carriers that connects to a bike, the dog was sporting doggles and looked as happy as can be with his head sticking out the top of the carrier.

Looking for some doggles for your pup?
You can find them here.
9.63 easy miles
There is a man that lives in Lincoln Park and he has a pet parrot, I used to see him on an almost daily basis when I lived there. On this particular day he was riding his bike and the parrot was parched on his handle bars.

Unscheduled day off.
I was tired, and I had no motivation to run. So I didn't. No big deal because it's all about listening to my body and doing what is best for me.

8.21 easy miles
Apparently it is all the rage here in the city to sport your pet in as cool of fashion as you can. A biker had two tiny dogs in a basket on the front of his bike that were wearing helmets and matching reflective vests. Seriously is there a market for this kind of stuff???

Friday:11.21 miles with 5/4/3/2/1 @ MP and 6x400's @ MP.
I decided to sleep in and head out for this run around noon. The goal for this workout was for the legs to begin to feel comfortable running goal MP and should have been a breeze to get through. But my timing here was way off. Running on a black path during the suns peak time with no shaded areas can really wear the body out. I was able to hit all of my paces, but had to take the recoveries a lot easier then I planned.

By the 6th 400 I was starting to feel a bit out of it, and may had been nearing heat exhaustion. For the remainder of the day my head was throbbing, I had no energy, my skin was pale, every muscle of my body ached, my mind couldn't focus on anything, and my stomach very was uneasy.

The lesson to take from this folks is simple, don't think you can over power the weather. Please learn from my mistake and do not attempt speed sessions mid day on a sunny and warm July afternoon, no good can come of this. No matter how great you feel in the first half of the workout, the weather can change that fast and hit you hard.

8.24 easy miles.
The running juggler that lives in Chicago passed me going the opposite direction. Talk about making a lady feel bad about herself. There I was trying my best to maintain a sub 8 pace and barely squeaking by and this guy is flooring it while juggling. Show off.

And I saw Elvis for the second time on the lakefront path, no big deal.

Surprise surprise the legs felt cruddy. Took the run very easy where I followed it up with an intense stretching and foam rolling session for the cramped muscles from the previous day.

Thought that I would get in a 10 miler with 6 @ tempo pace. But I woke up and decided otherwise. During the early stages of my training, I wrote a bit about the quality vs. quantity of miles put in. Today that tempo would have been of poor quality, and really I would have just been running to increase my weekly mileage. I am slowly learning to be okay with letting a workout go knowing that somedays trying to squeeze in what is on the schedule may do more harm then good. So I took the day off and will be closing the week with the lowest mileage yet this training cycle.

Week 9 Goals
This is the half way point in training.

Continue to work on speed. Spent the first 8 weeks building up my mileage and endurance, now my focus is going to slowly be switching over to building speed and increasing the intensity over those miles.

75 miles. Highest mileage week so far this year. Should be a good one, especially after taking an extra day off in week 8.

Fueling. Nearly 10 hours of running, 3 hours of resistance training, stretching and rolling, in addition to all of the other tasks in a day require a lot of fuel to keep my body going all week long. Last year this is where I slipped up in my training, I wasn't getting enough of the right foods at the proper time and I found out this will catch up with me on race morning.

Second 20 miler. Focus of the first 20 was to just make the distance, this 20 will be a progressive run. I also need to continue to figure out my long run fuel system. So far this summer every 5 1/2 miles I have been taking a gu.

Maybe start running with a camera. People are doing some really strange things on the lake path and I think that I need to start documenting it. Maybe this stuff has always been going on and I've just not noticed, or maybe I need to get with the program and create some weird trademark of my own because that is what all the cool kids are doing around here these days.

Enjoy the weekend. I have a much need weekend off from work coming up. It's August and I still haven't hit up the beach yet this year or done anything really exciting. Time for me and D to live it up in the streets of Chitown.


  1. Haha! I saw Elvis on Saturday morning too. Must be promoting that 5k in a few weeks... You shouldreally bring a camera to capture all of these interesting sightings. Because of your stories, I will make more of an effort to run outside to experience the craziness of the lakefront instead of the comfort of my
    BFF, the treadmill this week. Listening to your body is hard, but worth cutting a run or resting. Kudos to you for that! Sometimes we need to be saved from ourselves.

    Good luck on week 9!!

  2. Good job listening to your body and taking a rest day! I see the running juggler all of the time in our neighborhood and I always wonder just how he does it!

  3. Just back from Chicago and reminded... CHICAGO LAKEFRONT is so awesome!! Love love love it! As we drove down Lake Shore Dr, I was like a dog out the window, watching all the runners along the lake. So cool to live in a city like that!! And the dogs, holy smokes, people are dog-crazy up there!? Hilarious!
    Totally agree on your take on training... you're gonna smoke this week! :)

  4. Loved the doggles. I imagine it is a constant struggle to make any dog wear them, could be wrong. The link back to listening to my body is a great post. Pace can be a deceptive metric during high heat indexes, I try to use heart rate instead.

  5. Great week!! Very impressive! Sounds like next week will be a great one too, good luck hope it goes well! :) Love the doggles! My dog would look cute in those.. Hmm.. :)

  6. Awesome job on the miles! Yes, you definitely need to start running with a camera.

  7. I don't run with a camera but I do use my phone to take pics whenever I see something weird/interesting on my runs. It's very handy! :)

  8. yes to the camera!! sounds like you have a lot to capture :)

    loving the sound of the doggles!

  9. hahah oh my gosh what interesting runs you had! hahahah
    and WAY TO GO GIRL listening to your body is the hardest thing ever! you are amazing you inspire me so so much :)

  10. puh-lease bring a camera so we can witness these ridiculous dogs. haha.

    stay hydrated and fueled up during your hardcore workouts!