Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Willpower of a Woman

Nothing is permanent.
This is my new phrase.
Saw it the other day written in chalk while I was romping around my city,
the next day it rained and and all signs of this phrase vanished.
How ironically platitudinous.
Got me thinking about my life's current state and how I'm responding to it.

I will not... 27 forever with 15% body fat and the strength of a heard of elephants. Must enjoy this time NOW and rejoice in my gifts.
...boast about my accomplishments. I will simply acknowledge, appreciate, reflect, and praise.
...let numbers define the perception I have of myself. Race pace is a state of mind, not a set number.
...become discouraged if it is not in the stars for my sub 3:10 feat in October. Sometimes the desires of the human heart do not coincide with Gods plan, and I am okay with this.
...ever be with the likes of Paula Radcliffe, Deena Kastor, or the other insanely fast women there are in this world. But I will rejoice in their accomplishments and appreciate their awesomeness in its entirety.
...let others impose their limits and expectations on me. I dream my own dreams and create my own goals. Endurance athletes need fuel. I will make healthy choices and observe moderation for foods, but I will also indulge when my body asks. There is no shame in eating an entire bag of sour patch kids in one sitting.

I will...

...make it across that finish line for the Chicago marathon this October with a PR, even if I have to crawl on my hands and knees or roll my fatigued body down the Columbus Dr. straightaway.
...continue to be honest and truthful about my journeys.
...have a babe sometime soon. Maybe two. And afterwards I will continue on my running voyage, piglet(s)-in-tow, without skipping a beat.
...only run for myself. And maybe my husband. He is the only audience that I aim to please and impress, the only opinion that fairs me well on earth. day figure out why the tendinitis on my left foot, dubbed my sausage foot, has never gone away. due time have my redemption at the Boston marathon. And when I do, I will actually RUN it injury free and beat my previous time by an hour, and it will be awesome. day remember to put my socks on correctly before a run. But in the mean time I'll nurse countless blisters.
...surprise all the naysayers.
...continue to let peace brew in my soul.
...always sing praises for progression runs. If you don't know why, then you probably haven't tried it. Do it, it will build your confidence like nothing else.
...acknowledge that life has peaks and valleys. When the depth of my valley deepens, I will trudge on an not lay down and be defeated by my woes. My strength will always allow me to prevail.


  1. Very inspiring post, thank you.

  2. i love this post!! keep pushing on. you rock. oh, and send 15% body fat thoughts my way :)

  3. Great post! We always get so caught up in worrying about the future that we forget that the present will fly us if we aren't paying attention

  4. Love this post! You are certainly right- life does have peaks and valleys. It take the valleys to really enjoy the peaks!

  5. very well said! I especially love the 'race pace is a state of mind not a number' line.

  6. i. love. this.
    thank you so so much!
    this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

  7. Love this post, but have two things that I would change if it was my own personal list:

    1) I think boasting is a must. what's the point of working so hard if you can't be outwardly proud when you accomplish your goals? Boast away.

    2) I hate the pressure of putting all my eggs in one "race", so to speak. The pressure of forcing me to PR sets me up for anxiety, and the possibility of being depressed on a fun race day if things don't go as planned! I approach every race with a goal, but the knowledge that it doesn't matter AT ALL if things don't go well...there are always other races. So far, the lack of pressure actually helps me do very well!