Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back In Business, I Think...

Thank you to everyone for their Garmin troubleshooting advice. Yesterday was an extremely frustrating afternoon where I could not figure out why the heck the watch decided to go on the fritz for this gadget challenged woman. Baah, why does technology have to be so much smarter then me???

I decided to take my issues up with the people at the Garmin store here on Michigan Ave. and was assisted by a lovely young lady that has become my savior. She assured me that there was nothing that I did to make the watch go bonkers, that it was an issue with Garmin and the Forerunner specifically. Apparently this watch needs a lot of software updates in order for it to continue to function properly. With my tinkering with it yesterday trying to fix it plus the need for the system update the poor thing was kind of jacked up.

All of the software has been updated, and the watch seems to be functioning appropriately as of right now. BUT time will tell I suppose. The woman assisting me must know me pretty well because she said that I probably wouldn't have figured it out myself because it was kind of complicated, and she gave me the customer assistance number if it begins to act up again. 

Lets just hope that I don't need it. 

I actually haven't yet taken it out for a run since the software upgrade, but I may later this evening and FINALLY get my tempo run in. Not sure this is a great idea as of right now because I think that I may have a rather mild concussion. Bumped my head on my pedestal sink last night (for like the 1,000th time) and haven't felt the same since. Terrible headache, nausea, and EXTREME sleepiness are plaguing my body right now. Tried to go for a run this morning and it was the most awful experience of my life, I wanted to vomit on myself and perform a self-lobotomy. Fine time to not have health insurance huh?

Oh a day in my shoes...

To perk myself up and for a little chuckle, I thought that I would share some of the search terms from which people are finding my blog these days:

I am sorry if you came to this blog looking for an "elite runner", whoops thats not me.

Thank you for "deciding to be honest with yourself", I like to do this too.

I don't really know why someone would google "sweaty legs", but yes you will find those here. I really know how to rock those and make them trendy.

If someone out there is looking specifically for a blog about "sour patch kids watermelon" depending on the day this may or may not be the place to stop. Today I am rocking the SPK fruits, which are also very tasty and I would highly recommend them.  

And yes, the Chicago RNR half was too expensive.


  1. Those are funny! My favorite is sweaty legs!

  2. Hhahaa those are great! Sweaty legs? Yes please :) I also love that brand of Sour Patch Kids, nice choice

  3. Funny search terms! Your comment got famous on my blog today..haha, you have to check it out!
    So glad the Garmin is back to normal-but the concussion? Yikes! Take it easy!

  4. Yes, please take it easy!! I love looking at my search keywords. My best ones were "Costco goat cheese rash" and "south park ants in the pants" . Your comment on Vanessa's blog was the best :)

  5. You do have some fab sweaty legs, they're at the right spot, haha!

    The vomit feeling after bonking your head makes me feel a little nervous, please keep us posted of when you feel better!! Make sure you have someone look at your pupils every so often to make sure they're still equal! Ok, my inner nurse is getting the best of me....

  6. Woo hoo! The Garmin lives! That head bump sounds much like a concussion. Be careful with yourself. Take it easy, girl!

  7. Good to hear about the garmin getting back to normal!

    Not good to hear about you hitting your head. Yea, that sounds like the exact symptoms of a mild concussion. Neon blonde runner's advice seems dead on to me. Exercise can be dangerous with a concussion, you shouldn't feel any symptoms in your head during or after doing exercise. If you do then you are probably not fully healed yet. You might have to back off on activity for a bit for the symptoms to subside.

  8. hahahahah i love this HILARIOUS and girl you are a freaking amazing elite runner in my book!!!

  9. Oh I'm so glad that you got your Garmin going again, I had quite a scare this morning with my Garmin Forerunner 305, it wouldn't charge but then it magically started working again, I think I was channeling your bad luck lol

  10. Hahaha! You're pretty darn elite in my book!!